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Kofi Kingston As World Champion? Concerns For Undertaker And Lesnar? Divas Queen Of The Ring? Status Of Erick Rowan?

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Do you think it's too late for Kofi Kingston to become a WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

If the scenario was right then I would say it's never too late for anyone to become the World Champion. Look at Diamond Dallas Paige in WCW. He won their World Championship at the age of 43 years old so at age 34 Kofi does have time on his side. I would probably approach this question in a different way and ask can Kofi Kingston become a World Champion? Again the answer would be very similar in that there is every chance Kofi can still win a World Championship. But for him to do that he needs to be elevated to the main event and he needs to take a step back potentially from the New Day. At the minute his character is nothing more than upper mid-card material so something about the Kofi Kingston character needs to change to enable him to become a serious contender. Even if the tweak is just around the way he is booked or he takes on more of a leader role in New Day that is going to help his case. I certainly feel Kofi has the attributes to be a World Champion but whether he is provided with that opportunity is another matter entirely.

Do you have any concerns regarding the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar Hell in a Cell match?

I know this question is similar to one that Zack answered in last weeks WNW, but I wanted to take the approach of looking at it from a booking standpoint as much as a health one. I completely agree with Zack there have to be concerns about a man of Undertaker's age taking bumps in a Hell in a Cell match against a man in Brock Lesnar who is known for sometimes being a little sloppy in his work. Who can also forget the concussion Undertaker sustained against Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. If you weigh up the health risks then if you aren't concerned about Undertaker in this match then your deluding yourself. That said we should worry about the health of any performer who steps into the ring as we all know these men and women take huge risks every day where one wrong move could spell the end of their career or worse.

My concern more turns to how WWE are going to book this match as it is clearly now the rubber match in their latest series of matches with both men having won one match a piece. The way I look at it is WWE has really booked itself into a corner here. Do you put over Lesnar or Undertaker? There's the option of a no contest but that just delays the decision further. On one hand if Brock Lesnar wins then where does he go from there? He's proved he can beat Undertaker on multiple occasions so another win isn't going to do a great deal for him. And then on the other hand if Undertaker wins then it makes Lesnar have less of an impact, look less of a monster, and it takes away from the streak being ended. The one with more to lose for me is Brock Lesnar, and while I expect that he will win the match there's always that possibility Undertaker could walk out the winner. All I know is I expect this one to be a brutal fight with an explosive or shocking ending.

What are your thoughts on a Divas Queen of the Ring match?

WWE totally need to do more with the 'Divas Revolution' than just a constant three way faction feud. I mentioned in the Smackdown Breakdown last week how it was getting beyond frustrating that we just seem to be seeing the same six Divas tag matches each week now. So there are a two things I would like to see WWE do. One of those things is establish a Divas Tag Team division. I think with the depth of female talent the company has now it just makes sense.

The other, and probably the most important would be to have a Queen of the Ring tournament, which I would base on the same principle as the King of the Ring. I believe the fan interest in the Divas is at an all time high and what better way to expose talent past and present to the audience than through such a tournament. This could be used to put over an established or up and coming Diva, and would really benefit the Divas division as a whole. Potential winners for me I would use to put over are Paige, Becky Lynch, Bayley, or Sasha Banks as I think they could all go on to do big things with this kind of opportunity.

Do we know the status of Erick Rowan? If and when he returns will he be added back to the growing Wyatt Family?

Erick Rowan is still out with an arm injury he suffered back in June, which is believed would leave him out of action for around 4-6 months if he didn't have surgery. He could return as soon as mid-October but the addition of Braun Strowman to the Wyatt Family makes me believe he is likely to remain out of action for the remainder of 2015. There is every chance Rowan could return to action before the end of the year but don't be surprised if you don't see him until the Royal Rumble.

Will he return to the Wyatt Family when he comes back? My guess is he will initially, and I would expect him to come to blows with Braun Strowman over who is the true sheep of the family. From there it's likely Rowan will distance himself from the Wyatt's and take on his own identity. That being said a lot can change before he comes back. We know there is talk of expanding the Wyatt's even more with the addition of someone to take on the role of Sister Abigail, while Dan Spivey, who was formerly known to WWE fans as Waylon Mercy, openly said to me in an interview I did a few weeks ago on the Podcast Corner that he would like to perhaps come back in some kind of manager/mentor role for the Wyatt's. So having Rowan back in the Wyatt Family would be a good move for me, even if it's just a temporary move until he moves on to something else.

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