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Kurt Angle One Of The Best, Where's Kaitlyn?, Goldust's Future, Stop Adding To The Corporation, My Favorite Matches

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Kurt Angle

I was looking back at all the matches that Kurt Angle was in over his time with the WWE. I really don't see him coming back to the WWE. But do you see the WWE putting him in the HOF?

It's hard for me to predict who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I absolutely think Angle's body of work in WWE qualifies him for the honor but it's ultimately up to whether or not Vince McMahon likes him enough to induct him. Kurt is one of the best in-ring workers of a generation and was just recently passed in my book by Daniel Bryan. When Angle finally hangs it up the business will miss him. I also feel it's worth mentioning that WWE would not induct Angle while he's under TNA contract. I know it happened before with Flair but it would be very unlikely to happen in this situation.

Is Kaitlyn injured or just on a hiatus?

Neither, Kaitlyn is still on the road with WWE and was at TVs this week. She is just currently without a storyline.

Do you see Goldust coming back to compete full time after his storyline with his family and the McMahons or will he somehow disappear off of TV once again?

I do not see WWE investing heavily in Goldust as an in-ring performer at 44-years-old. He's better suited as a talent they put under a Legend's deal and use him on a per shot basis (if they choose to extend such an offer). There may be some interest in a Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes program but other than what he is currently doing, I don't see much else. One mistake I think WWE made was firing Goldust as a producer because I think he understands the art of playing his gimmick more than just about anyone. One of the biggest issues I have with younger talent is they're too robotic. They go out trying to accomplish what is written down without trying to live the gimmick.

With the reaction he gets from the crowds and his work in the ring, do you think aligning Ziggler with the "New Corporation" could be a good direction for both Ziggler and the company?

Many readers seem bound and determined to add to the corporation but I'm against that. The corporation is fine as is and there have already been more than enough problems with it. Dolph Ziggler is a guy that has found himself in the WWE doghouse and has been pulled back as a result. However, let's stop trying to add to the corporation. It will only result in over saturation and an overdone angle.

Do you prefer to see a match between two big muscle guys or two high flying guys?

I prefer the latter but my favorite type of matches are matches that feature good technical wrestling. I like matches that tell a story and showcase workers that do not have to work in overdrive to pop the crowd. This is one of my disconnects with many in the IWC. A lot of IWCers see the highflying overdrive type work in promotions like Ring of Honor or Dragon Gate USA and just can't figure out why Vince McMahon won't do it in WWE. The style is risky and can easily be overdone. Sometimes when I'm watching shows that feature this "nonstop" style, I almost feel overwhelmed and just need a break. Give me workers like Daniel Bryan, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, etc. and let's see a bout that features more than just high spot after high spot.

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