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Kurt Angle To WWE?, TNA's Uncertain Future, Brie/Nikki Working Stiff, GFW Updates

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Earlier this month you said Vince McMahon doesn't have any interest in bringing Kurt Angle back, but with Rusev going over Jack Swagger I think it would make sense to have Angle come back to square off against him. If they are still trying to push Rusev to the next level, why not have him go over Angle?

I reported last week here on the opinion in WWE is changing in regards to Kurt Angle. While you have suggesting using Angle to put over Rusev, there is legitimate intrigue about using him to put over Brock Lesnar. However, as I noted in my report, any deal would hinge on Angle being able to pass a WWE physical. If Angle is healthy enough to pass a WWE physical, there is a chance we could see him work for WWE again. While I still don't believe the chances are very good, they're greater than they were just a couple of months ago. Angle's contract with TNA Wrestling expires on September 21, 2014 and he's not expected back.

While TNA will remain on Spike TV for the rest of this year, do you think that it'll ultimately survive next year?

We reported here on that Spike TV has made overtures about buying 51% of TNA Wrestling. According to a source speaking under the condition of anonymity, the Carter family is interested but so far Dixie Carter has been resistant. The short-term extension on the network was seen as a way to prevent any rush decision from being made. If the Carter family does not sell, I believe there's a good chance TNA will not return to Spike next year. If TNA loses Spike TV, they'll have to look elsewhere for clearance on domestic television. They have been talking with other networks (through UTA) but losing Spike would not be a good thing. However, there is no way for me to say definitively they will survive or won't survive until their future on domestic television is resolved. If they are unable to stay on domestic television, their future is very bleak.

Whilst watching the Brie/Nikki segment on Raw, there were several times where it looked like what Nikki did could have really hurt Brie (the hair pulling, etc). Is there ever a "safe word" or an action where a superstar can just slyly signal to the other to tone it down a notch?

I don't know about a safe word but the work between Brie and Nikki Bella has been intentionally stiff. As we reported in our Backstage Raw News, the fact that Brie and Nikki are identical twin sisters they are able to do things to one another they wouldn't be able to do anyone else. I am an identical twin and I can vouch for this sentiment. While there are some programs that justify stiffer work, the bond between twins is unexplainable and allows for things to be taken a "step further." Brie and Nikki know this is a big time opportunity and they want to take full advantage of it.

I am excited to see what Global Force Wrestling can do but I'm a little worried there has been no word of a television deal. If they do not get a TV deal would all their planning be for nothing?

We updated on Global Force Wrestling on Monday here on They have been talking with television networks in the United States but have had even less luck than TNA in terms of generating interest. The frustration has caused some people currently working with GFW to look for work elsewhere because they don't see it getting off the ground this year. While I think what Jeff Jarrett is doing is great for the pro wrestling business, he has lofty expectations of even replicating the success of TNA Wrestling. I'm not saying he can't do it but it's not going to be easy.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: What are your thoughts on the finish of CM Punk vs. Ryback from WWE Hell in a Cell? - I thought the finish to CM Punk vs. Ryback at Hell in a Cell was lazy, nonsensical and very poorly done. This isn’t an issue about having Punk retain while not making Ryback look weak. This is an issue of the undefeated superstar taking a loss in his first relevant match as a main event performer. Punk came out looking like the cowardly heel but why should anyone be scared of 0-1 Ryback? As I pointed out here in Richard Reacts, it completely lacked logic for the referee to be able to stop Ryback from Shell-shocking Punk. If Ryback is who they say he is, he destroys the referee without cause. The main event could not have come off worse and despite working the best he could, the booking assured no progress for Ryback as a viable main event wrestler.

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