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Kurt Angle's New Storyline, Who Has Backstage Power?, Shane Thorne Update

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Kurt Angle 2017

Do you have any backstage news on where they're going with the storylines of Kurt Angle along with Big Cass and Enzo? They both have me intrigued and Angle's storyline seems like the big summer storyline WWE likes to do to keep us watching.

The break-up of Enzo and Cass has begun as Cass is supposed to be the one who's attacked his partner. What does this have to do with Corey Graves and Kurt Angle? While I'm not quite sure if Graves is just being used as the middle man or a potential manager for Cass, this storyline is being done to set up Kurt Angle vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 34. I wouldn't be surprised at all if that match gets bumped up (or at least takes place first) at SummerSlam. WWE is in desperate need of a must-see storyline this summer with ratings at all-time lows. Hopefully they're careful with the booking of Angle's future, as well as Enzo/Cass.

Since Roman Reigns has huge support from Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn, is it true that Reigns has been getting some backstage powers just like John Cena and Hulk Hogan before him?

That is not true at all. Roman has the same amount of backstage "power" as Curt Hawkins - which is none. Sure, he's being pushed to the moon like Hogan and Cena, but we also have to remember Reigns was suspended a year ago when he was at the top as WWE Champion. The only contracted stars that have backstage input are Paul Heyman and John Cena. Chris Jericho does have some input on his storylines, but not as much.

Was wondering if you had any update on Shane Thorne's recovery & when we might see TM61 back in action on NXT?

I've been wondering the same myself. Thorne actually tweeted on Sunday: "Close but not yet... patience..." One has to think this clearly relates to his injury status. I found it interesting that Nick Miller hasn't been used on NXT TV or even at live events since Thorne went down with a knee injury in January that was going to put him on the shelf for 7-9 months. It looks like that timetable will be accurate. (EDIT: Ironically, Nick Miller beat Wesley Blake at Saturday's NXT live event. Thorne was at ringside, which prompted him to tweet an update on his status.)

Why do we suffer the SAME matches over and over every week on both RAW and SmackDown?!? Thank goodness for the DVR!

If you thought it was bad before the brand extension, it's only gotten worse since last year's Draft. WWE tends to repeat match-ups to "progress" storylines in preparation for the next pay-per-view. It works (in Vince's eyes) more now than it did before the WWE Network. The pay-per-view was all about drawing fan interest so they would pay around $50 or more to watch. With the affordable Network, fans (including myself) will watch pay-per-views every two weeks even if we aren't that excited or are perhaps burnt out on the product. The talent pool is deep, but still guys like Curtis Axel, Slater & Rhyno, Luke Harper, etc. get misused. Instead, we've seen Sasha vs. Fox, Dar vs. Swann, and Miz vs. Ambrose more than once on free TV going into Extreme Rules.

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