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Kurt Angle's WWE Release, Brock Lesnar Reckless At Extreme Rules, Blood In WWE, Edge Staying Or Leaving?

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Why did Kurt Angle leave WWE?

Kurt Angle's departure from WWE in 2006 features his story and their story. Angle claims he requested his release because he needed time off and was working injured too often. People in WWE claim Angle was released because he had so many health issues they were worry about his well-being. At the time, Kurt's wife, Karen, was very unhappy with Kurt working injured in WWE and wanted him to leave. She was very against him working there and wasn't happy with the way he was treated. It's interesting that in the announcement of Angle's release, dot com stated that WWE looked forward to establishing a new relationship with Kurt in the near future. You can view their initial coverage at this link and Vince McMahon's statement at this link.

It seemed like Brock Lesnar was way too physical and reckless in his match with John Cena last night at Extreme Rules. What are the feelings backstage after the match?

I haven't heard the reaction from backstage yet but do you know how I always state that WWE doesn't push talent based on in-ring work? John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar was an excellent main event match because it was entertaining and believable but the in-ring work left a lot to be desired. I messaged former WNW co-owner Ryan Gray during the bout and said Lesnar is either going to kill himself or his opponent if he doesn't settle down. He was rusty but his massive size, accurate facial expressions and overall "attitude" made the match a lot of fun. Lesnar needs to brush off the ring rust but last night was a great match. I'll have much more on Richard's Backstage Blog later today.

With the bloody John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar match behind us, can we expect more bloody matches like we used to see before WWE went PG?

Vince McMahon has maintained his commitment to producing PG programming but last night's show had a lot more "attitude" than recent pay-per-views. While McMahon has no plans on altering the product's rating, we are getting edgier programming. I don't know if we can count on a lot of matches with color but the quality of the product last night was moving in a much better direction.

Did Edge and WWE come to terms on a new contract?

For those that missed it over the weekend, Edge is letting his WWE contract expire and his deal is complete after today. From what I understand they couldn't agree on financial terms and Edge wanted to explore life outside of WWE. The departure wasn't nasty and no bridges were burned so it's likely the two parties could work together again in the future.

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