Lack Of Main Event Talent?, David Otunga As A Top Star, WWE's Use Of Hulk Hogan, Lesnar's Stiff Shot To Cena

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What does it say about the lack of main event talent that WWE has had to reach out Brock Lesnar & The Rock to feud with John Cena?

There is no question that WWE has struggled to find stars as big as Brock Lesnar and The Rock but what a lot of people don't understand is you just can't "create" a megastar. Workers like Lesnar, The Rock, John Cena, etc. are once in a decade talents with God-given talent that make them huge draws. WWE has created other main event stars, just look at the current titleholders in CM Punk and Sheamus. With that being said I think it's great WWE has been able to bring in megastars such as The Rock and Lensar to put on entertaining programs. They are expensive but have proven to be huge draws.

I think David Otunga is a top heel with a legit lawyer gimmick and in-ring work the harkens back to "Ravishing" Rick Rude. Di you think he could be a real threat for main event status?

WWE officials are high up on David Otunga which is why he has had an increased role on television as the legal council for John Laurinaitis. I agree Otunga has a great physique and is a hard enough worker to get elevated but he still needs to work on his in-ring. Otunga certainly fits the mold McMahon has been known to push to the moon.

How was WWE able to use the Hulk Hogan character and likeness on last night's Raw Supershow?

Everything WWE did with the Hulk Hogan character with the Three Stooges on last night's Raw Supershow was done with property owned by WWE. They own the rights to the original "Real American" theme, titantron video and merchandise that was worn. Hogan is still compensated for merchandise moved off his name but nothing illegal was done last night. What I took away from the segment was how little McMahon cares about TNA. If he saw them as any threat at all he wouldn't be featuring their talent but heck, look at what they did with Ric Flair. It's great TNA has a national TV deal but other than that they pose no threat to WWE.

Was Brock Lesnar's punch to John Cena's face an accident or is their legitimate heat between the two?

Brock Lesnar and John Cena had personal issues during Lesnar's first run with the company but I don't think Brock was trying to hurt John last night. I seriously doubt they planned for Cena to take a stiff shot to the face but it could have been a case where Brock was trying hard to sell the beating and landed a clean blow to his face. While I'm sure Cena is sore this morning, the opening segment to last night's Raw Supershow was epic.

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