Lana's More Over Than Rusev, Seth Rollins Knee Update, WWE Brass Approachable, Discrimination

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Do you think Lana has the potential to become the next great Diva in WWE? I think she is great on the mic and she has a very bright future in the company.

Lana is dynamite on the mic, proving week in and week out she's more over than Rusev. I'm not sure it's completely Rusev's fault but Lana is what keeps that gimmick relevant. Her segment with Zeb Colter was excellent on this week's Raw. In addition to her voice and heel-like tendencies, she has great facial expressions. I don't know if we can call her "the next great Diva" until we see how she does in the ring but her mic skills are very good.

Was Seth Rollins legitimately injured on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw?

One of the first things I mentioned on Tuesday morning was the status of Seth Rollins. As I reported here on, Rollins was fine after Raw. I know it looked bad but the word is, no serious injury occurred and he was more or less selling. I am awaiting to hear more but he's good for the pay-per-view as of this writing.

How approachable are Vince, Stephanie and Triple H as bosses in the WWE? Can superstars work with them on matches, pitch ideas, and/or just BS with them, or would they be separated by numerous channels within the management structure of WWE?

This will surprise some people but Vince McMahon is approachable. Unlike a lot of people in his position, he's still very hands on with the product. Vince micromanages a number of things and is involved far more than some realize. Triple H is also approachable and that's understandable as he was "one of the boys" for years. From what I understand, Stephanie isn't as approachable but it depends on who you talk to. Some people like her; others would rather deal with Vince or Hunter.

Don't you think it's a little absurd to accuse WWE of discrimination? I mean, it's not like every world champ has been white. There have been plenty of Mexican champions, a few Samoan champions, and like you said there have actually been two black champs. And the fact that WWE has less black wrestlers than any other race is stupid to me. There's always going to be a minority.

Discriminatory issues such as racism or homophobia can't be ignored in any company or organization. While I believe most of us would like to see these issues eradicated for good, we can't be so naive to pretend they don't exist either. For as long as I've been doing this, I truly do not believe Vince McMahon is a racist or a homophobe. I believe Vince wants what is best for business and he's intent on pushing talent that have the best chance to succeed, regardless of any other factor. However, there are issues that are far too often swept under the rug and I believe this article by The Atlantic did a good job in examining them. There's a middle ground here and I believe that's where I stand. I do not believe WWE nor its brass is inherently racist but I do believe there are issues. Read some of the comments in this post, you can get opinions from all sides.

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