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Last Man Standing Ripoff, Site Layout, Future Of Lesnar/HHH, CM Punk's Return, Cleanest Wrestler

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The winner of a Last Man Standing Match is determined when one person is left standing. Why is Ryback not WWE Champion given the fact he walked away (albeit with help) from the match at Extreme Rules?

The finish to Ryback vs. John Cena at Extreme Rules was poorly planned and came across horrible. The fans in the building turned on it and Twitter immediately lit up with discontent reactions. I was leading the pack. You can't have a Last Man Standing match end with a guy left standing and not being declared the winner. It gives a cliffhanger for Raw but sets a terrible precedent. The discussion started early on my Facebook and I want to take an opportunity to address some people that defended the finish. First of all, there was no double count out. If there was, the finish would have been more palatable. I do not like draw finishes, especially on pay-per-view title matches, but I could understand it in this situation. WWE obviously doesn't want to take the belt off Cena at the pay-per-view after getting his redemption but they don't want Ryback to do a clean job either. The problem is Ryback was left standing. If they wanted to end the match in a draw they either had to have a double count-out or double stretcher jobs. There was neither and the outcome was just thrown out with no winner being declared. You can't charge $50 for a pay-per-view with a WWE title bout and give no outcome. There's no fixing this because even in the unlikely event that Ryback is awarded the title on Raw, people that purchased the pay-per-view are still left without an outcome. I explain more here in Richard Reacts.

What happens to Brock Lesnar's rivalry with Triple H now that Extreme Rules is over?

It's time for the program to be over. The way it was sold on the pay-per-view, it looks like Triple H was written off and he should be. Hunter and Lesnar have had matches at SummerSlam, Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules. There's no need for another. It's time to put Lesnar back on the shelf until the next program and let Hunter go back behind-the-scenes until needed once again.

I see you all have reverted back to the simple homepage layout. Was the new version too confusing for visitors?

We tested a new homepage layout for a couple weeks but ultimately found it was too confusing for visitors on mobile devices. One of the things that is very important to me is to provide the same full version of to everyone. Whether you are on your phone, tablet or computer, I want you to have full site access. While the new layout worked great on a computer, it made it difficult to find the new updates on a mobile device. I want you to be able to take WNW with you so you can visit everywhere at any time.

Is there a date scheduled for CM Punk's return?

WWE wants CM Punk back for WWE Payback next month in Chicago. I was told he was shooting for something closer to SummerSlam. The feeling seems to be they'll meet somewhere in the middle but, as far as I know, no date is set. There had been some speculation if he was going to work Payback that he would return on this week's Raw, but I haven't heard anything as of Monday morning.

Who is the cleanest wrestler in the industry in terms of Wellness?

To the best of my knowledge, CM Punk has never taken a pain pill in his life. I think that qualifies him as the cleanest wrestler in the business.

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