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I just watched CM Punk's short red carpet interview with Chris Van Vliet and he seemed to take a page out of Chris Jericho's book with his "never ever ever" coming back. If he's not coming back, why do that?

CM Punk told Chris Van Vliet there was no chance that he returns to the ring and then had some fun with the Twitterverse. If we've learned anything about the wrestling business, it's never to say never even when the wrestlers themselves say that. Bret Hart returned to WWE and hugged Shawn Michaels on live television. That one moment from January 2010 should have eliminated any use of the word "never." As for Punk, I'm glad to see he's doing well. He'd been banged up for far too long, the miles were showing on him and now he seems rejuvenated and happy. Not many have the financial stability and the courage to walk away in their prime. Will he be back? Time will tell but for now, it's time to stop chanting "CM Punk" at shows and realize he's doing things his way.

Is WWE rushing Brock Lesnar into the title picture?

After beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX and ending the iconic streak, where else is there to book Brock Lesnar? Even a feud for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is a step down, so I don't think bringing Lesnar back and putting him in the biggest program they can is rushing anything. I understand many are skeptical about Lesnar, a part-timer, going over John Cena at SummerSlam and holding the title until Wrestlemania but I'm told if that's the direction WWE goes in, they will handle it appropriately.

Is there a reason why The Wyatt Family is always going under?

The losses of Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper & Erick Rowan at Battleground were surprising but part of a bigger plan. WWE wants to extend Bray vs. Chris Jericho through SummerSlam, so it's not about the battle but about the war (a similar line that was used in Bray's promo on Raw). As for Harper and Rowan, their loss wasn't so much abut burying them, as it was further legitimizing The Usos as the company's top tag team. Jimmy and Jey Uso have seen their stock skyrocket based on their in-ring work and the crowd's response to it.

Why does WWE do live events at Madison Square Garden ? Why not hold Raw or a PPV there?

WWE rarely tapes television or pay-per-views from Madison Square Garden in New York City because it's expensive. Jim Ross stated on his podcast that they would run million dollar shows at the Garden but lose money because of the cost to tape there. He said the shows were so expensive, the best they could do was break even. This is why WWE more often than not runs live events at Madison Square Garden as opposed to television or pay-per-view.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2012: What’s your Mount Rushmore for WWE Divas? - I used to hate this question for WWE wrestlers but when I included it, a great discussion ensued. Everyone is open to their own opinion but my Mount Rushmore of WWE Divas would be Tammy Sytch, Trish Stratus, “Sensational” Sherri Martel and Mae Young. Tammy Sytch created the modern day Diva, Trish is my pick for the top women’s wrestler in the history of the business, while Sherri and Mae created opportunities that paved the way for them to be successful.

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