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Months ago I asked your opinion on who is going to win at Wrestlemania XXVIII, either The Rock or John Cena, has your opinion changed at all? I have come out with a theory that Rock would win, Cena would turn and we could have a Rock/Cena II at Wrestlamania XXIX.

I have spent a lot of time going over the outcome of The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania and I will admit I don't envy Vince McMahon's decision. You could make a case for either worker but at the end of the day if The Rock is not returning to WWE full-time, it would be difficult to put him over the face of the company. There has been a lot of speculation about The Miz getting involved but I have been an advocate for a clean finish. The only way I would be for Miz getting involved would be to guarantee his elevation and I don't see that as a feasible position at this time. While The Rock said he would be involved in Wrestlemania XXIX next year I don't know if there are plans for him to compete. Obviously if he does plan on working, this could be a factor in the way the outcome of the match is booked.

When Wade Barrett comes back will WWE push him to the moon or take it easy with him?

Wade Barrett's dislocated elbow injury couldn't have happened at a worse time. Not only was he scheduled for a big push into the spring, he was slated for the big Wrestlemania payday. Injuries are one of the downsides of the business and the reason so many people work hurt is so they don't lose their support. In Barrett's case, his injury was severe enough where it required surgery and will require significant rehabilitation time for him to return. The last I heard WWE plans to pick his push up where they left off when he returns, however, there are no guarantees. It will hinge on what the landscape looks like when Barrett comes back, however, there are many that are high up on him. As for a timetable, Barrett is expected back in June or July.

When is Rey Mysterio scheduled to return to WWE?

Rey Mysterio is still targeting Wrestlemania XXVIII as his return from his knee injury. He is currently rumored as a possible participant for the 12-man tag team match for the battle of the brands as a member of Team Teddy. Nothing is confirmed but we should find out soon enough.

Does WWE have deals with local gyms when they are in town or do workers have to pay for their own trip to the gym?

WWE does not cover travel expenses and that includes gym fees. WWE workers are on their own on the road and while the WWE office can help them in booking flights, rental cars and hotels - they have to pay their own way. One of the first things a worker does when they arrive in a particular city is find a gym and get a quick workout before continuing their day.

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