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Legends House Premiere, Title Matches At Wrestlemania 30, Sandow Buried, How Many WWE Network Subscribers

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When will Legends' House and Monday Night War premiere on the WWE Network?

WWE Legends' House will premiere on the WWE Network on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 8 PM ET. A premiere date has still not been announced for Monday Night War. WWE is strategic in the way they release their original programming, as they want to make sure they promote it properly so that people will watch. It's just like any other network. They strategically plan the release of shows around when they believe the programming will be the most successful. The best thing about Legends' House is that it's actually going to be seen as it's been in the can for two years.

With Wrestlemania XXX less than two weeks away what are the plans for the WWE Tag Team Championship, the WWE Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship and the WWE Divas Championship?

It's likely the WWE Tag Team Championship and Divas Championship find their way onto the Wrestlemania 30 card but I wouldn't expect defenses of the Intercontinental and US titles respectively. Big E is an announced participant for the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and Dean Ambrose will likely be involved in something involving Kane and/or The Wyatt Family. Naomi is probably the favorite to challenge AJ Lee for the Divas Championship but it'll be interesting to see if more Total Divas get on the card as WWE plans to tie in the reality series into the Wrestlemania card. The Usos defending is likely, at this point it's just a matter of against who. Vince McMahon often goes back and forth on the importance of tag team wrestling. Some weeks it's like the division has been restored, others it's been forgotten again.

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Does WWE know what they're doing with Damien Sandow?

Damien Sandow was in line for a push that never got off the ground. He's one of many workers lost in the shuffle that has more potential than is being realized but it's Wrestlemania season and it's a very difficult time for up and coming talent to be prominently featured. Let me also take the opportunity to mention that I do not like how Sandow unsuccessfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. At the time, it was still believed to be an elevation when he went under to John Cena but he quickly fizzled out. The intrigue in the Money in the Bank stipulation has not been lost, however, many hoped Sandow was on his way to a more prominent spot following last year's victory. He went under to Dolph Ziggler in live event matches on the weekend loop of the Northeast.

What's the latest on WWE Network subscriptions? Are they close to their 1 million target and if not, what's their time frame to achieve it?

WWE has stated time and time again the benchmark is 1 million subscribers for the WWE Network to become profitable. Until that point, the WWE Network will be seen as an investment. As for how many there are currently, WWE plans to reveal initial data the day after Wrestlemania 30 on Monday, April 7, 2014. Company officials have also stated as long as they reach 1 million subscribers by the end of the year, the WWE Network will be seen as a success. Considering the target for Wrestlemania buys in years past is 1 million buys, it'll be interesting to see how far along they are after the show this year.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: Throughout the past several weeks we’ve heard from WWE names about their favorite Raw moments. What is your favorite Raw moment? - As a long-time wrestling fan, I have many favorite Raw moments but for the sake of conversation I will mention a few. One of my best memories of the Attitude Era was Steve Austin driving the beer truck in the arena and hosing Vince McMahon. A lot of my favorite Raw moments from the Attitude Era included Austin as it was edgy programming that was very entertaining. The night that Shane McMahon showed up on WCW Monday Nitro was a memorable one as it was something I don’t think anyone would have imagined just five years prior to it happening. As for a recent memory, CM Punk’s worked shoot promo on Raw last summer was one of my favorites and elevated him to an entire different level.

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