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Lesbian Gimmick For Becky Lynch?, Big Roster Trades, Resentment Towards Younger Talent, Too Late For TNA

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What are your thoughts on Becky Lynch playing the role of a lesbian character?

I have not heard that and am unaware of WWE planning to booking anyone -- including Becky Lynch -- in an LGBT role at this time. Stephanie McMahon’s comments last week about WWE integrating LGBT characters into their programming have a lot of people asking about what this would look like but I believe we’ve all come to the conclusion here at WNW that Vince McMahon is too out of touch to do it. That’s not to say they’re not going to do it, however, the fear amongst our readers is introducing LGBT characters means playing to bad stereotypes. I think it could be effective if done correctly but I also believe that’s giving WWE creative too much credit. Darren Young, WWE’s first openly gay performer, had this reaction when someone said they hoped WWE gave him an LGBT-related angle:

">August 13, 2016

Back to Becky Lynch, I don’t want to see WWE do anything that could make her a bad stereotype. How much confidence does it look like Darren Young has in WWE creative? A message of equality is central to my being, however, I’m not sure WWE storylines are an adequate way to portray that very important message. In fact, it could do just the opposite.

Will there be a trade with Raw and Smackdown involving Randy Orton to Raw and/or Kevin Owens or Cesaro to Smackdown?

I’ve been told there have been whispers within WWE about doing some trades between Raw and Smackdown. All three names you mentioned have come up. It would seem foolish to move Orton right now, especially with the inter-promotional angle with Brock Lesnar. Cesaro should have been on Smackdown to begin with, that was the original plan, and I do believe there is a feeling he’s miscast on Raw. As for Kevin Owens, I heard there have been discussions about trading him but nothing as to what direction it would go.

With the 'new era' and arrival of new talent, is there any panic or resentment from older guys or veterans who may feel they are being eased out?

A lot of veterans are being eased out and whether there is panic and resentment or not, it’s happening and that’s a good thing. Nothing against Big Show or Mark Henry but they’ve had lengthy careers and are now at the stage where it’s time to step aside and let some of the younger guys come through. John Cena is adjusting to a more part-time talent and it seems like The Dudley Boyz are being utilized right now as extras to help the new generation of talent. But it’s not just the new nudging out the old; spots are always at risk. Roman Reigns has lost his spot to Finn Balor. Everyone’s spot is always on the line, even stars in the top of the card are at risk.

Do you feel TNA will improve under the direction of Billy Corgan?

I have more confidence in Billy Corgan than I do Dixie Carter but it’s too late for TNA Wrestling. They have a chance to continue to be one of the top independent promotions around but they aren’t anywhere near where they were from 2005-2014. When TNA Impact got dropped by Spike TV, they lost over 50% of their audience and are now nowhere near being competitive to WWE. That doesn’t mean they can’t have entertaining television, nor does it mean they don’t have talented workers. It just means TNA is more like Ring of Honor and less like WWE.

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