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Lesnar Over Reigns; Going Babyface, Ambrose's Attire, New WWE Champion

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As much as I hate the part time champion portion of it; shouldn't WWE make Brock Lesnar the monster they promote? He ended the streak, he destroyed John Cena. I say let him beat Roman Reigns and continue to be a huge monster... What are your thoughts?

Brock Lesnar re-signing makes one thing clear - WWE will protect him at Wrestlemania 31. I’m not saying that he’ll definitely retain but they’re going to make sure he’s one of their top attractions for years to come. He’s coming at a premium and the company must make sure they see a return on their investment and book him as strong as possible.

Had Brock chose to reject Vince McMahon’s final offer on Monday, the plan was for Roman Reigns to get a definitive win over him, thus damage Brock going forward. The point conveyed to Brock was that if he didn’t re-sign, he would never be as worth as much to WWE.

Now, you’re correct, he’s The Beast and he’ll be booked like one. There are multiple ways to get the title off him without him appearing weak and I believe it’s time to execute such a plan. WWE has laid out a card where some of their up and comers are getting big chances, just think of the “launchpad” this show could be if someone like Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins walks away WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

With Brock Lesnar’s announcement of his decision to stay with WWE on SportsCenter, I noticed one thing he said. He said in regards to the timing of his announcement "he wanted to be fair to the fans." Do you think this could cause a huge face reaction at Wrestlemania?

Brock Lesnar has already started garnering babyface reactions and many expect the Wrestlemania 31 crowd to treat him like one. I’ve pushed back on the idea of a double turn, with the sole reasoning that it’s too late, but it may happen anyway. But to answer your question, I am expecting the babyface reaction to Brock that you suggested.

Is it me being pedantic or is the fact that Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper wear the exact same outfit really annoying? - especially since they've been highlighted a lot together of late!

It’s not just you and I’m thrilled someone else agrees with me! I have criticized Dean Ambrose’s post-Shield ring attire for nearly a year now. Most readers seem to be completely fine with it but I think it’s far too plain and similar to Luke Harper. Ambrose is super talented so it hasn’t served as a deterrent but it’s annoying nonetheless.

I am extremely picky when it comes to elevating up and coming talent and believe they should be given every chance to succeed. That means Ambrose should have attire that makes him appear different. It means talent like Roman Reigns shouldn’t be given questionable lines for promos. It means long term plans for success aren’t just needed but imperative.

You have stated on numerous occasions that Brock Lesnar’s title reign has failed due to him being used so little throughout the year. I don't believe it has been a success, but the concept of the title being defended only at the major PPVs I think can work. I think the title being defended on Raw or Smackdown doesn't demean the title, but it demeans the performers going for the titles. If Brock had defended the title against different opponents over the course of the year at the major PPVs, do you think the concept would have been received better?

Brock Lesnar is a credible and established main event performer in WWE. There is no doubt he provides the company roster with more talent and more depth and those are good things. My biggest problem with him in WWE is the company’s reluctance to use him. I completely understand the idea of putting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Brock and having it defend it at the “biggest shows,” but such a strategy has proved ineffective for a number of reasons.

Do I think if Brock had more than just John Cena with a side of Seth Rollins to feud with after winning the title things would have turned out differently? Probably so. WWE could have added credibility to the reign by giving him more clean title defenses. The profile of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is NOT raised by just removing it from TV.

As I stated in the comments area earlier in the week, for those that have enjoyed the reign, what reign are they talking about? Brock won the title at SummerSlam, lost via DQ at Night of Champions and went on hiatus. He came back, pinned Seth Rollins at Royal Rumble (in a great match but it was overshadowed immediately) and has largely been absent in the build to defend against Roman Reigns. They finally got an opportunity to get face-to-face to close Raw and things didn’t even get physical.

Bringing a big attraction back for a major show is one thing but to put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on them and remove them from television is another. WWE struggles with moderation. The idea of Undertaker or The Rock as a Wrestlemania attraction is a good one. The idea the show is built completely around part-time talent -- talent that can't even bothered with weekly TV -- is a problem. I don't understand why WWE swings hard to the left or the right and can't find a happy medium.

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