Lesnar vs. HHH Again?, Undertaker Update, Foley Overshadowed, Major App Announcement

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Why does WWE have to do Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H again? Can't the writers think outside the box like Sheamus or Randy Orton for Brock?

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H isn't confirmed for Wrestlemania 29 but we should find out on tonight's episode of Raw which direction WWE plans to take. With Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman advertised to "fight" and Lesnar advertised to appear, it doesn't take much to connect the dots. Vince McMahon and Hunter were very pleased with how the bout drew at SummerSlam and felt it should be done again before blowing it off. Lesnar is under contract for two more years after Wrestlemania so perhaps at least one of your aforementioned programs are visited. I've gone on record in stating I would have rather have seen Brock vs. The Rock for the WWE title at Wrestlemania 29 this year. Apparently it's been brought up for SummerSlam.

With Undertaker returning to WWE over the weekend and WWE uploading footage, is it a guarantee he'll appear on Raw tonight?

Nothing in this business is a guarantee until it actually happens. Undertaker returned to WWE at the Smackdown live event in Waco, Texas last Saturday night. The word from one of my sources is he wanted some low profile matches to see how he felt before working Wrestlemania. I'm under the assumption he's leaning towards working but we can't confirm anything as of this writing. The holdup has been over money with reservations over his health. Him working on Saturday tells me he's content with the former and wanted to try out the latter.

Have you heard any reactions from readers about being frustrated over Mick Foley no longer being the WWE Hall of Fame headliner this year? I know Triple H doesn't like Foley and I understand Bruno Sammartino's accomplishments, but isn't upsetting that he had to be paid and courted to accept the nomination? Where as I'm sure it's the biggest thing in the world for Foley. It just feels wrong.

Mick Foley has always downplayed a beef with Triple H but the bottom line is Hunter has never been a big fan of Foley and never felt he had the look of a major star. This is why some people felt Hunter was willing to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of DeGeneration X this year if he couldn't get Bruno Sammartino to agree. Kind of like a way to take a way some of the luster from Foley's big moment. It seems petty but Bruno Sammartino was a priority before Foley or anyone else. WWE wanted to induct Bruno in Madison Square Garden and Foley was asked when it looked like a deal wasn't going to get done. I haven't heard much frustration as most readers seem really pleased with this year's very strong Hall of Fame class.

When are you all going to have an Android application?

I am thrilled to announce that we're launching a brand new Application called Dirt Sheet. The App will be available on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) as well as in the Google Play store for Android users. This will not be replacing our current iPhone Application as it will be in addition too. Dirt Sheet is basically a dream come true for members of the Internet Wrestling Community as you'll be able to get news from multiple sources and interact in ways never before possible. We are awaiting approval from both Apple and Android but you can preview the new App with screen shots here at DirtSheet.com.

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