Lord Tensai Disappointing Early, Brock Lesnar The New Face Of WWE?, Braden Walker An Epic Fail, Lesnar's Endorsement Deals

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I had heard that Albert's in-ring work had improved dramatically, but from what I've seen it still looks incredibly sloppy. Paired with his less than desirable ring-look, how long do you think he's going to be kept around? It was a good try to put him in the main event of Raw, but I was really just disappointed by his performance.

WWE seems determined to try and get the Lord Tensai gimmick over, especially after having him pin John Cena on last night's Raw Supershow (albeit with a dirty finish). I agree that Tensai looked sloppy last night but I have no idea if the company plans on pulling the plug on the gimmick. It's important not to judge a gimmick too quickly but I share your sentiment that Tensai has been disappointing early.

Has Brock Lesnar taken John Cena's place as "face of the WWE" already?

WWE is building Brock Lesnar as John Laurinaitis' "face of WWE" in storyline but he's not really the guy in the company. Lesnar is looked at as a special attraction just like The Rock. WWE is glad to have him but are not relying on a part-timer to carry business. The top guys in WWE are still John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk.

Why is Braden Walker infamous in the WWE Universe?

Chris Harris, formerly known as Braden Walker, showed up overweight and out of shape. There had been a lot of anticipation for his WWE debut after a successful tag team run in TNA but things went about as badly as they possibly could have gone. Lines such as "I'm Braden Walker and I'm going to knock your brains out" made the gimmick laughable and helped establish it as a running joke amongst the IWC.

I cant remember any time the WWE has let a superstar have sponsors of other company's on their ring attire ever. Brock Lesnar's new shirt and ring shorts both have Jimmy Johns and other sponsors on them when he goes out to the ring. Is this something that you think other superstars are going to catch on to and start making sponsorship money on above what they get paid in WWE (John Cena with Gillette and Subway on his shorts?) or is this a one time thing that Brock Lesnar put in his new WWE contract since he was sponsored by these company's during his UFC run?

WWE is letting Brock Lesnar honor endorsement deals that he had when he was under UFC contract. Lesnar is a unique situation and I don't believe WWE has ever shelled out as much money for a part-timer as they did for him but Vince McMahon was determined that Brock's first post-UFC run was with them. Love him or hate him, Lesnar drew big for UFC, which caused his stock to skyrocket. WWE worked diligently with Lesnar and UFC to hammer out an agreement that is not really comparable to anything we've ever seen.

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