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Lord Tensai & Matt Bloom's Return To WWE, Who The Rock Has Been Preparing With, Wrestlemania Predictions, Lower Card Workers In WWE

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Why is WWE calling Matt Bloom, Lord Tensai? Why not just call him Albert or A-train again unless he is wearing an outfit?

WWE has big plans for the Lord Tensai gimmick, bigger than what Bloom accomplished as Albert or A-Train. His work has greatly improved during his time in Japan and the gimmick also carries more international appeal. What do you think makes people care more, a new gimmick with a cryptic video or a rehashed mid-card gimmick like Albert?

Who has The Rock been working out with to prepare for his Wrestlemania XXVIII match against John Cena?

The Rock has been working out with Curt Hawkins and Michael McGillicutty to prepare for his main event match against John Cena on Sunday. Rock recently put both over in a media interview with The Miami Herald.

Will you be making Wrestlemania XXVIII predictions?

I stopped posting predictions a couple years ago due to WWE attempting to find who was talking to me. Given the fact I get knowledge before a bout happens, it's impossible for me to make predictions without a preconceived notion of what is in the plans to happen. The Blog Spot staff will be posting predictions and you will be able to comment on them after they are made.

Why do lower card workers such as Curt Hawkins stay in WWE. Wouldn't they be better suited in TNA or Ring of Honor to get recognized?

WWE is by far the largest and most established professional wrestling company in the world. Why would a wrestler want to work anywhere else? While I can't believe we're talking about Curt Hawkins twice today, he and other lower card workers have the opportunity to get elevated. It's an opportunity that few get and all it takes is a chance to change their career forever. Just take a look at what has happened to Hawkins' former tag partner Zack Ryder. One thing everyone needs to realize is WWE can't push everyone. There are going to be different levels of workers and it's up to the lower card workers to take advantage of their opportunities when they get them.

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