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Main Event Changed, Axel/McGillicutty, AJ Lee As Champ, Shield Exceeds Expectations

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Why did WWE change John Cena vs. Ryback at WWE Payback from an Ambulance Match to a Three Stages of Hell Match?

I haven't heard the reason why but I can speculate it was due to the company thinking an Ambulance Match wasn't a strong enough stipulation. When the match was announced last week, I wondered how it was any different than the Last Man Standing Match they had this month. Remember, the match that saw Ryback as the Last Man Standing but didn't receive the victory. Three Stages of Hell is a better stipulation but I'm not sure there is enough interest in it. Wins and losses mean very little these days but how is it WWE has pushed Curtis Axel for two weeks and he's already more credible than Ryback, who they've been pushing for over a year? Someone remarked on Twitter that Axel had "victories" and not victories but can someone please tell me Ryback's "victories"? Seriously, what has he accomplished, other than squashing enhancement talent, that makes him a viable WWE Championship contender?

Why is his name Curtis Axel if many fans still remember him as Michael McGillicutty?

First of all the Michael McGillicutty name was horrible. He hated it, fans hated it and no one had a good reason for it. Here they have a talented third generation guy and they stick a name on him that pays no significance to his family lineage or one that people can even spell. Curtis Axel is a much bigger deal than Michael McGillicutty, much like Ryback is a much bigger deal than Skip Sheffield. Axel's name pays homage to Larry The Axe and Mr. Perfect and is a great catalyst to take him right on up the card.

When will AJ Lee challenge for the WWE Divas Championship?

When AJ Lee won the number one contendership for the WWE Divas Championship there was talk about strapping both her and Big E Langston so the entire Dolph Ziggler trio would hold titles. Now with Ziggler out, dissension between AJ and Langston is teased. It certainly appears they're going in a different direction but we'll have to wait and see.

How key is patience in WWE in regards to the success of a worker. One can look at a worker like Kaval and see it didn't work while The Miz and Daniel Bryan, while not immediately successful, ended up getting over.

Patience is very important in this business. The problem with many critics is they want to see the full picture right now and I'm guilty of this myself. We all want something to be successful so when we see things considered to be problematic out of the gate, we get online and complain. However, I warn everyone that will listen that it's important to see how things play out. It's also important that I remember this myself. While Curtis Axel appears primed for a run at the top, Tensai pinned John Cena clean and we all know how that worked out. On the other hand, The Shield is a group that had nearly unattainable expectations and have exceeded them. However, there are times, when we can take one look at something and know it's not going to work. Some good examples would be the aforementioned Michael McGillicutty and Skip Sheffield.

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