Main Event Changes, Curb Stomp Finisher, Zayn Out Months?, Issues Between TNA/Destination America

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Was it the right move to add Dean Ambrose to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Payback?

We reported here on Premium on April 30 that a few workers had openly expressed how underutilized Dean Ambrose has been and spoke out on him being directionless.

A week later and he’s added to the WWE Payback main event. In checking with my original source, I’m told it was a top talent and a well known producer that spoke out about WWE giving Ambrose more and now he’s getting the opportunity. We have more in our Backstage News from Raw.

As for my thoughts, I think it adds another dynamic to Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns and am thrilled just to have a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match on pay-per-view (remember it wasn’t long ago the title was removed and forgotten). I will be interested to see how WWE books the match as it’s essential they get Ambrose to the next level, somewhere he should have been working for at least the past year.

What’s this I read about WWE bringing back the Curb Stomp after recent concussion lawsuits are settled?

Anything is possible but I have my doubts about WWE bringing back the Curb Stomp finisher for Seth Rollins. While it’s true there were concerns about the finisher causing head injuries and creating unnecessary risks, the bottomline is Vince McMahon hated it and wanted it changed. Vince didn’t like the visual of an opponent having to be incapacitated before Rollins could set it up and execute it, so after Wrestlemania, he put out an edict for Rollins to get a new finisher.

I can confirm with 100 percent certainty the Curb Stomp was not banned so one would think if the move was changed due to head injuries, it would have been banned outright. Anything is possible and we’ll continue to follow the story but after hearing what Vince thinks of the finisher, I’m not optimistic about its return.

Is there any update on Sami Zayn?

WWE has not updated their coverage since they reported he was scheduled for an MRI on his shoulder on Tuesday. I’ve always heard no news is good news but this injury could be trouble. Zayn was believed to have dealt with a shoulder ailment earlier this year, although he denied it. He injured himself by pumping up the crowd on his way out to the ring at Raw on Monday (which seems to suggest an underlying issue was present) and if he has something such as a torn rotator cuff, he would be forced out for months.

Was TNA really scheduled to tour China. If so, what happened?

Yes, there was a TNA Wrestling tour of China tentatively on the books for May 2015 (this month). Late last month we reported here on Premium that TNA wanted to tape Impact in China but Destination America was against it and refused to air a show taped in the country. It was such a big issue we were told the entire tour was in jeopardy over it and it has now been canceled. There could have been other issues as well but just a little over a week from our initial report, the tour is not happening.

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