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Major Stars Likely For Wrestlemania 31, Dixie's Table Bump, Screwjob Best For Business?, R-Truth Over Bo Dallas

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Dream matches have always been a part of pre-Wrestlemania season talk because it's the show where pretty much anything is possible. Out of The Rock, Sting, Brock Lesnar and Hulk Hogan, who has the best chance of competing on next year's card?

Brock Lesnar is a sure thing for next year's Wrestlemania 31, so I'll put him at the top of the list. The Rock has revealed he has a verbal agreement for another match and a bout Vince McMahon wants to do is Brock vs. Rock. Sting wants a match at Wrestlemania 31 and has established a working relationship with WWE. We'll put him as third on this list. Hulk Hogan, like Sting, has a working agreement with WWE and the desire to wrestle again. However, we'll put him at the end of the list due to internal concerns about his ability to work in the ring. When WWE was negotiating with Hogan to return, one of the things neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H wanted a deal to be contingent on was an actual match.

Did Dixie Carter going through the table on Impact looked weak? It just looked horrible! Bully Ray just went ass first through the table while Dixie took a half ass bump onto the ring. For something that had been heavily promoted throughout the show I expected a better delivery.

Calm down. Dixie Carter is not a trained performer and spots like this only get one chance. This isn't the type of thing that TNA could just re-tape if they weren't happy with it. I thought the spot looked fine and borrowing words from Dixie Carter, it looked like it hurt like hell. Bully Ray has established a career of putting people through tables, including putting Mae Young through a table when he was with WWE. I spoke to Bully about the spot and he told me it was the highlight of his career. The spot writes Dixie off television indefinitely and TNA is promoting it for all its worth, which is a smart move.

With all that's been revealed in the 17 years since the Montreal Screwjob, do you think Vince McMahon made the right call? I have the utmost respect for Bret Hart but it seems like Vince was in a tight spot and did what was best for business. Thoughts?

I've covered and studied the Montreal Screwjob from every angle. Vince McMahon was in a bad spot but he gave Bret Hart his word on a finish and I will not defend Vince, Shawn Michaels or Earl Hebner. It was sneaky, underhanded and disrespectful. There were better ways the situation could have been handled, without all the chaos.

Will R-Truth receive more of a push now that he was the one that ended the winning streak of Bo Dallas?

Bo Dallas avenged the loss in a quick victory on this week's episode of Raw. I'll say Truth going over Bo Dallas is the most prominent thing he's done on WWE television recently but I do not see much coming out of it. He is on WWE's tour of Australia and went over Dallas again on Thursday at a live event in Melbourne. R-Truth was in a battle royal on Friday but was a non-factor.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2012: Despite only airing for two weeks the angle of Natalya is tedious already. Is there any purpose in it or is it just a way to keep kids entertained during the PG era? - The Natalya “farting” gimmick is disgusting. I have told people that I feel it is Vince McMahon’s immaturity at the forefront, highlighting his weird sense of humor. I don’t know the purpose but I can’t believe someone would find it entertaining.

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