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CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

With the brand extension over, why does WWE still have two world titles? Are there plans to unify them anytime soon?

I'm a supporter of two world title belts and feel it presents more opportunities in the top of the card. People send me names all the time about workers they feel should be working in the top of the card then in the same breath, call for title unification. One thing I want everyone to realize is that if WWE unifies the world titles, they'll cut the top of the card by 50%. So if you're tired of John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, etc. dominating the top of the card, that's not going to change with title unification. I enjoy the two world titles because it presents more opportunities.

I'm not an American football guy at all, so I don't seem to understand why TNA was criticized for bringing in Adam "Pacman" Jones last Thursday. Even JR had a negative comment. WWE brings in football players a lot and they don't get as much criticism for it. So why was it so bad to bring in Adam Jones?

I had no problem with TNA Wrestling bringing Adam "Pacman" Jones back to television; my problem was with how they did it. Playing her new delusional authoritative heel character, Dixie Carter teased they were bringing back a "former World Champion." Regardless of a gimmick/storyline, that made TNA look pretty pathetic. Now is not the time for Dixie Carter to "troll the fans," even if it does help build a character they're determined to get over. TNA is in a bad place right now and all of their efforts should be on stabilization and delivering the best product possible. It's time to rally the fan base, not troll them in a publicity stunt. Making matters worse, creative decided to have Jones take out Bad Influence. It's never a good idea to have non-wrestlers take out homegrown talent. I also want to take this chance to push back on some accusations in your question. First, WWE gets a lot of criticism for the use of non-wrestlers. The "guest star/host" gimmick WWE did for Monday Night Raw was not well-received and fans are just as hard on WWE when a WWE guy goes under to someone without a wrestling background. I'll also call into question your claim WWE "brings in football players a lot" as the last time they brought one to television was Kurt Warner (an NFL legend) and his role was minimal. Wrestling fans want pro wrestlers, not celebrities for cheap publicity.

With Ryback borrowing from Goldberg's move set, mentioning him at live events and other subtle teases - is there a chance we see Goldberg at Wrestlemania?

I've heard subtle whispers that WWE would like to bring Bill Goldberg in for Wrestlemania but I'm not buying them. Goldberg doesn't get along with the WWE machine and they already have the services of Brock Lesnar secured. Sting is probably a more realistic option at this point, even though I don't even think that has much of a chance of happening either. Anything is possible but it's one of those things "I'll believe it, when I see it."

Who is your favorite worker and why?

Picking a favorite worker is not a desirable thing for me to do because readers will accuse me of having an unfair bias towards a particular individual. The truth is, I just want to be entertained. I don't care who it is or what they do, I want to watch matches and segments on television and pay-per-view that are entertaining. My favorite style of wrestling is workers that can tell a story with their work and don't have to rely on 100% high-risk insane spots. Some interpret this as me backing a slow and methodical style of wrestling, which isn't true either. I love watching smaller guys go all out and really "wowing" with their high spots, however, the business is more than that. There's something to be said about John Cena, who can move the needle on his own, despite the fact that 9 out 10 of you will claim to hate him. I know it sounds cliche but I want what's best for business and that is anyone that makes me want to watch.

From the Ask WNW vault…

May 2010: The word on Randy Orton is that he is much more mature since getting married and becoming a father. Orton used to have a reputation as being arrogant, disrespectful (especially to females) and even erratic. Orton has grown up and the WWE office has full confidence in him, which is why they recently signed him to a 10-year contract. There were concerns that Orton's behavior would derail his career despite his talent but that changed once he got married.

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