Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan, Foley From TNA To WWE, Focusing On Twitter, Sting At Wrestlemania


Do you think Mark Henry should hold the World Heavyweight Championship until Wrestlemania XXVIII and face Daniel Bryan? If Daniel Bryan made Henry submit, would that make him a legitimate threat in WWE?

I would be all for Mark Henry holding the World Heavyweight Championship until Wrestlemania XXVIII and finally being defeated by Daniel Bryan. Not only do I think WWE could build the feud over the next several months but it would be a tremendous rub for Daniel Bryan and yes, it would make him a legitimate threat in WWE. However, I question the amount of faith WWE has in Daniel Bryan as a main event talent. Furthermore this is all under the assumption that somehow, Mark Henry beats Big Show. The booking of their match this Sunday at Survivor Series is going to be tricky as I wasn't a fan of the no content finish last month even though I popped for the ring breaking.

How is possible for Mick Foley to go from WWE to TNA back to WWE so easily?

Mick Foley had a harder time than he expected getting a WWE contract from his most recent run in TNA. The major hiccup in his plan was the stroke of Triple H. I have full details in a lengthy backstage report available at this link. Foley's current role in WWE is still undefined as he didn't come back as an in-ring performer but was treated as a guest on Monday's Raw Supershow.

Why is WWE plugging Twitter so much on their programming?

Vince McMahon is currently on a major social networking kick. The company feels Twitter provides them with an opportunity to promote their product through their talent without paying a dime. It also helps the talent as they are able to build large Twitter accounts which are very beneficial if they end up leaving the company. However, I agree WWE has gone overboard with it and while slightly toned down this week, it is too much of a focal point.

To date, is Sting still a possibility to join WWE for a possible Wrestlemania appearance?

WWE made one of the strongest pushes ever to sign Sting for Wrestlemania XXVII this year. They launched the video campaign to bring back The Undertaker but so many fans speculated it was Sting, WWE did all they could to bring him in. Sting, by his own admission, thought long and hard about it but ended up staying in TNA Wrestling. Anything is possible but I doubt as much of a push would be made for Wrestlemania next year with The Rock headlining the show.

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