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Undertaker vs. CM Punk

What's your favorite match of 2013?

Daniel Bryan has had several matches that I believe are candidates for Match of the Year and it's honestly too hard for me to pick one. However, Bryan's body of work is absolutely worth going back and watching. CM Punk and John Cena had an outstanding match on the February 25th episode of Monday Night Raw. Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins stole the show at WWE Battleground and the four earned the term "the show stealers" in a lot of my work. CM Punk and Brock Lesnar tore the house down at SummerSlam and I feel Punk got more out of Lesnar than anyone has since his return to WWE a couple years ago. My favorite WWE match of the year was probably CM Punk vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 but honestly, an argument could be made for any of bouts mentioned.

Outside of the main WWE roster, Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn in a 2 out of 3 falls match on the August 22nd episode of NXT was my favorite developmental match. My favorite bout in TNA was actually the Knockouts Ladder Match between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim on the July 11, 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling.

Why does WWE not mention Chris Jericho as the first ever Undisputed Champion in light of the recent unification?

WWE referenced a Tweet by Chris Jericho where he mentioned being the first Undisputed Champion but the company has largely downplayed the unification that took place back in 2001. WWE ignoring their own history isn't uncommon as the company wants to hype what they did at TLC with John Cena and Randy Orton as the "biggest moment ever." There were multiple references about the match being the "biggest in history" with JBL even saying people will be talking about its outcome 100 years from now. All of this is part of WWE hyping the attraction and I feel they did a good job with this month's pay-per-view. I will be very interested to see if TLC did a better buyrate as I am expecting an increase.

What's the backstage opinion of AJ Lee?

Like anyone with favor of WWE management, AJ Lee has her fair share of backstage detractors. However, I'm told that Vince McMahon is an AJ Lee supporter and this is one of the reasons why there were no repercussions for the incident with Michelle Beadle at the 2013 Tribute to the Troops taping. While what exactly happened might never be known, Beadle was viewed as an outsider and WWE more or less wanted to sweep the incident under the rug.

With WWE currently in the process of renegotiating their television licensing fees, how much do they currently make for programming in the United States?

WWE's current domestic television contracts account for $139.4 million of revenue each year. Shareholders have pressured WWE to get more for their programming as it's a live event product and should command a higher premium. WWE is swinging for the fences and should be on the verge of a historic agreement. With have the latest at this link.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2012: As a fan in my 30′s I feel today’s mainstream wrestling features less and less pure wrestling. What I mean by this is less technical maneuvers and feel this “old school” philosophy is reserved only for talent such as that of the X Division in TNA. What are your thoughts? - Pure technical wrestling is something that has always been reserved to small parts of mainstream pro wrestling such as the cruiserweight division or in TNA’s case, the X Division. A lot of older and smarter fans are baffled by this because they don’t understand why everyone would not want to see lengthy matches involving multiple hip tosses, suplexes and arm drags. The reason why this isn’t the norm is because of the broad and diverse fan base that makes up mainstream pro wrestling. While it sounds bizarre, not everyone wants to see wrestling. Younger fans are captivated by the storylines and the look of certain performers. This is why I recommend promotions such as Ring of Honor to fans frustrated with the lack of wrestling in WWE and TNA because ROH is centered around satisfying fans hungry for wrestling.

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