Matt Hardy Buying TNA?, Rousey Finally Returning, McGregor's Fine, Paige Finished In WWE?

Broken Matt Hardy

What is the latest on TNA Wrestling’s status? Is Matt Hardy really an interested suitor?

WrestleZone reported earlier this month that WWE and Billy Corgan had agreed to purchase TNA Wrestling. According to their report, WWE was buying the tape library, while Billy was purchasing the company and rebranding it. Dixie Carter seemed to deny the report on Twitter but has since removed her Tweet.

I wish there was more that I could tell you but I do not know the latest. Matt Hardy got everyone talking with these tweets:

">@IMPACTWRESTLING if the owners will sell to me. I would inject my #BROKENBrilliance into every iota of it.


I am interested in purchasing @IMPACTWRESTLING if the owners will sell to me.

I would inject my #BROKENBrilliance into every iota of it.

— REBORN by FATE (@MATTHARDYBRAND) October 11, 2016

">October 11, 2016

">October 11, 2016

Is Hardy a legitimate suitor or is he just trying to get people talking? Probably the latter but given the twists and turns this story has taken, who really knows? I know multiple sources have maintained WWE’s interest but not one of my sources has been able to confirm that. They always stated that WWE’s interest was being pumped by third parties. I could certainly see Vince McMahon buying the TNA tape library but I can’t imagine he would be willing to pay that much for it. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of value there and it’s probably best to remain skeptical of TNA sale stories at this point.

What are your thoughts on the return of Ronda Rousey in a UFC women’s bantamweight championship match against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 in December?

We’ve been expecting this fight and I think it’s going to be great. While I understand everyone wants to see Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg, Rousey wants her title back. I do not fault her for getting a title shot and I will be extremely interested to see if she can bounce back. I do not think I have to tell anyone that Ronda was not herself when she lost to Holly Holm last year. She was outmatched from the beginning and it was a very uncharacteristic performance. I don’t know if something was going on or if Holm just had her number but I clearly do not think that Holly Holm is a better fighter.

If I were in Dana White’s position, I would have held Holm out and done a rematch with Rousey but Holm went on and made herself look like a flash in the pan. Amanda Nunes is an exciting fighter and poses a significant challenge to Rousey. It seems as though if Ronda wins, we’ll get Rousey vs. Cyborg. Cyborg wants her no matter what but that’s certainly the “dream fight.”

Was Conor McGregor’s $150,000 fine from the Nevada Athletic Commission excessive? Five percent of his purse for throwing water bottles?

I do not understand why the Nevada Athletic Commission felt that stiff of a fine was warranted for Conor McGregor throwing stuff off the stage at Nate Diaz at the UFC 202 press conference. Let's also not forget he also got 50 hours of community service in addition to five percent ($150,000) of his fight purse. While we can all agree things got out of hand, did it do anything but drive up interest in their fight? And who does the fine hurt? It’s not going to hurt McGregor but now he says he doesn’t want to fight in Nevada. It seems the only people hurt by the fine are the fans that want to watch McGregor fight in Nevada and the revenue the state will lose if he does indeed refuse to fight in the state in the future. In WWE, we love a good locker room brawl or out of control chair throwing before a pay-per-view fight, what’s wrong with it occurring at a UFC press conference? McGregor knows how to draw interest in his fights and that’s why he’s UFC’s top star, a title Ronda Rousey is looking to reclaim.

With Greg Hardy attempting to transition to MMA and the rumor of Jonathan Casillas fighting, what’s your opinion on NFL players trying to fight?

Just to be clear, Jonathan Casillas says there is nothing to the rumor that he’s signing with Combate Americas. He recently attended one of their shows with CEO Campbell McLaren but is committed to football. As for Greg Hardy, no NFL team will touch him, so he will try to regain relevance in the octagon. I don’t have a problem with professional athletes from other sports making the transition, just as I didn’t have a problem with CM Punk making the transition. While not everyone is Brock Lesnar, not everyone is CM Punk either. Bobby Lashley has proven he can fight and while not at an elite UFC level, he has credibility. One of the things that these guys give mixed martial arts is star power and that’s all the sport is really lacking. MMA is extremely entertaining but it’s always better when we know who the fighters are. It’s more difficult to establish yourself as a star when a loss can take you off the grid but when athletes make the transition, there is automatic interest. I am for anything that gets more fans to follow the sport but I do expect only the best to be able to fight at the big shows. CM Punk was the exception and he drew but I would not pay to see him fight again.

Realistically, do you think Paige is finished with WWE following her second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy?

Not only is Paige going to be out the next two months due to the suspension, she’s going to miss six or seven months to have neck surgery. This has been a topic of controversy as WWE had cleared her to return but Paige’s personal doctor recommended the surgery. She’s going to have the surgery and she obviously has a lot of heat over her Wellness test woes. Paige has several years left on her WWE contract but it’s certainly possible they choose to let her go after her suspension. They’ll likely wait until the suspension is over because right now not only do they not have to pay her but it prevents her from working elsewhere (although her injury and non-compete would make that difficult anyway). As for the reaction within WWE about Paige’s suspension, it’s raised more controversy over the company Wellness Policy. You can check that story out at this link: Paige's Suspension Fuels WWE Talent Mistrust In Wellness Policy

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