Michael Cole/Jim Ross Angle, Chyna In WWE, The WWE Network PG?, Mick Foley's TV Return


What is the purpose of having the Michael Cole/Jim Ross challenge pushed back another week? Does Vince just want to have an excuse to pick on Ross?

The segment was cut from last week's Raw Supershow because of time constraints and Jim Ross did not make the trip to Liverpool. I do not know beyond that why WWE has delayed it, however, as JR stated, does it matter? I look for it to be another opportunity to humiliate Ross in a segment meant to be comedy. I, along with most readers, would love to see the re-establishment of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler but I'm not holding my breath given McMahon's infatuation with Michael Cole.

Do you think Vince McMahon will bring back Chyna?

Chyna has been a "train wreck" since her WWE departure, battling addiction and getting less-than-attractive media attention. To say Vince McMahon would "never" bring her back would not be accurate because it's impossible to guess McMahon's mindset. However, I'm not reading too much into Chyna's recent comments.

When the WWE Network launches will we see the end of the PG Era since they will have unlimited TV clearance?

First of all WWE's PG imitative is not because of their TV deals. It's to improve their public image, attract higher-tier advertisers and make a program that can be distributed to the entire family. While Vince McMahon has kept a lot of things regarding the WWE Network close to his vest, he's maintained it will not alter the current television deals. Also just because the WWE Network is launching does not mean the company will have "unlimited TV clearance." We haven't heard the format WWE plans to launch their network under and it's not going to be easy to get wide clearance on cable and satellite systems.

When is Mick Foley going to be on television?

Mick Foley was advertised for next week's Raw Supershow in Boston but has since been removed. WWE might wait to bring Foley back to keep from detracting from The Rock's hype as the last I heard Foley was going to be unavailable for Survivor Series.

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