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Corporate Kane

With Mickie James being at the WWE Performance Center helping out with talent, would that indicate at least some interest to bring her back for a short term deal that veterans are getting these days? A feud with AJ Lee would be entertaining.

The fact that Mickie James is at the WWE Performance Center this week working with developmental talent is telling only in that she has a good relationship with her former employer. I asked some people when she left TNA what the interest was in her services within WWE and was told that it was minimal. WWE isn't the best fit for Mickie right now because of her ongoing pursuit of a country music career. I doubt she would be able to get a deal like that of Chris Jericho with so much flexibility but anything is possible. Mickie is extremely talented and would certainly be an asset to the Divas division.

I know you always say to give a new character time and not to judge too quickly. But I was surprised and disappointed to see how corporate Kane interacted with Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero. He was basically put on the same level as those two, comedy characters not to be taken seriously. Your thoughts?

Kane is a very diverse talent and can get over in multiple roles and that's what has made him so valuable over the years. If you're expecting a monster that contends for the world title, I'm just not sure you're going to get that. A return to the former is likely but that gimmick also has a limited shelf life. As for Kane competing for either World title in a serious main event role, he's 46 and seems to have had that run 4 years ago. Kane fans should embrace the fact this role has him working in the top storyline on television and expect him to still receive prominent booking. I wouldn't overreact to the suit as it'll be a matter of time before he "snaps" back into the uncontrollable "big red machine."

I think we can all agree that WWE shows in the UK are always fun and entertaining, mainly due to the crowd. The IWC is very adamant about WWE ultimately hosting a "B level PPV" in the UK. I'm not completely against the idea, but feel there would be so many drawbacks and that WWE would lose money due to spoilers, etc. What is your take on it & do you think we'll ever see it happen?

WWE has held pay-per-views across the pond in the past. There was One Night Only on September 20, 1997 in Birmingham, Mayhem in Manchester on April 4, 1998, Capital Carnage on December 6, 1998 in London, No Mercy in Manchester on May 16, 1999, the Rebellion shows from 1999-2002 and the Insurrextion pay-per-views from 2000-2003. Let's also not forget to mention SummerSlam 1992 in London. So they've done it, they just haven't had a pay-per-view in Europe since 2003. I can't tell you WWE's exact reason why not but we can assume it's due to the evolution of the Internet and the time difference, two components likely to have negative effects on the buy rate.

Do you see a potential match of the year with the Wyatts, Shield, Rhodes brothers, Usos, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? What do you think about a tag team title match at TLC between the teams to really bring prestige back to the tag team division?

Following the ending to this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, the assumption is it'll be The Shield & The Wyatt Family vs. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust & The Usos at Survivor Series later this month. The match will be a spectacle and something I'll look forward to seeing. Will it be a match of the year type bout? That's anyone's guess but it will feature the workers that have been stealing the shows as of late so it'll have high expectations.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2007: Promoters such as Vince McMahon have always hated the idea of a wrestling union, even firing wrestlers for even thinking of organizing one. A union would allow wrestlers to have group insurance, benefits, and grievance options, however, this would also mean wrestling companies would have to document their salary structure (something that would be very hard to do). I’m not an expert on the formation of unions or know what exactly all of the pros and cons of one are, so I am not going to make a judgment either way. I understand arguments from both sides. It would be hard for an organization such as WWE to document their salary structure as a developmental talent or jobber is obviously going to be paid much lower than a main event wrestler and it would be an impossible formula to compute. WWE argues that they pay talent enough in their downside guarantee to buy health insurance but could you imagine what the premium would be? Go to an insurance agent and say, I jump off of ladders, get hit in the head with chairs, cut myself in the forehead, and do extremely high risk wrestling maneuvers for a living. Can I get some health insurance? WWE is not completely heartless as they do try to help out their performers past and present, as they will pay for a past performer’s drug rehab or front money for surgeries for current talent. Hopefully I answered your question, although I didn’t give much regarding my opinion of a pro wrestling union.

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