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MITB 10 Year Anniversary, Bryan At WM31, Will AJ Invoke Change?

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Wrestlemania 21 featured the introduction of the Money in the Bank ladder match. Given that this year is going to be the 10-year anniversary, do you see WWE doing it?

As far as I can tell, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has replaced the Money in the Bank ladder match on the Wrestlemania undercard. I understand the MITB ladder match was removed from Wrestlemania after Wrestlemania XXVI, when it became a pay-per-view of its own later that year (2010) but the battle royal seems to be the new staple of the undercard.

As I discussed in Tuesday’s Ask WNW, I’m not thrilled about this. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal features a massive trophy but it’s underwhelming and did nothing to help elevate Cesaro (its winner) last year. I have discussed for years how it would not be overkill to have a Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania in addition to the pay-per-view but it appears there are no plans for the gimmick matches on the pay-per-view.

Is WWE really looking at doing Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan for a third time at Wrestlemania this year?

It looks like Daniel Bryan will be on the Wrestlemania undercard this year. Rumored opponents have included Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and like everyone else working in the undercard, a possible tie-in with the Intercontinental Championship cannot be ruled out. The direction will become much clearer and we’ll update when we get one, however, it looks extremely unlikely that Bryan will be involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in any fashion at this time.

Do you believe having one world champion is a permanent thing for WWE or could they go back to two world titles?

We never say never in this business but I think it would be great to at least have one WWE World Heavyweight Champion in WWE. Seriously, Brock Lesnar has barely been around since winning the belt at SummerSlam and it’s become a major problem. The secondary belts haven’t seen a bump in value so it’s almost like WWE has been operating without a belt to chase. I speak for many when I say I hope a full-time WWE worker wins the belt at Wrestlemania 31 next month.

What are we to make of AJ Lee ripping Stephanie McMahon for WWE’s treatment of their Divas?

AJ Lee’s Tweets to Stephanie McMahon, criticizing WWE’s treatment of their Divas were a shoot. However, the company was quick to put the focus back on the #GiveDivasaChance Twitter “controversy,” with Stephanie downplaying AJ’s remarks.

For those that think they’re sending Vince McMahon a message by using hashtags, he loves the movements. Vince is going to do what Vince wants to do and he uses these “movements” and “controversies” to his own advantage to promote his agenda. I’m not saying fans cannot invoke change because they clearly can, however, Vince loves it when people Tweet about WWE good or bad.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2013: Do you think having one member of The Shield win the Royal Rumble would be a good way to break them up? - I think it’s too soon. Not only too soon to breakup The Shield but too soon to put one of them in the main event at Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have proved they are all very talented and capable on the big stage, however, WWE gets in trouble when they try to do too much too soon. It’s time for some storyline progression with the faction but if it were up to me I’d do it slowly over the course of the next 6 months, leading to an eventual breakup. Once the faction splits, it’ll be proving ground for each in singles competition. I just think that would be a better scenario then risking a rocket pack push flopping and doing irrefutable damage to one of their respective careers.

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