Mouthpieces Crucial?, TNA's Big Free Agent Signing, Axel Tainted?, Punk vs. Jericho

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Would you agree having a mouthpiece is crucial for particular superstars to get heat or to get over? I believe Alberto Del Rio would not be over with the crowd if it wasn't for Ricardo Rodriguez's introduction and Curtis Axel would not have any heat if it wasn't for Paul Heyman.

Mouthpieces are important for workers that can't talk, however, they aren't needed in every situation. Chris Jericho doesn't need a mouthpiece and can get over on his own. CM Punk doesn't need a mouthpiece but Paul Heyman does nothing but enhance his gimmick. Then you look at a worker like Jack Swagger and he wouldn't be anywhere without the stellar mic work of Zeb Colter. It's really a case by case situation. They are crucial in certain situations and an added bonus in others. Ryback would benefit tremendously with a mouthpiece, The Shield is fine without one.

Was Quinton "Rampage" Jackson the "big free agent signing" that Dixie Carter was hyping on Twitter?

Yes, I can now confirm the "big free agent signing" that Dixie Carter was hyping was in fact Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. The IWC is already killing this because "he's not a wrestler," etc., etc. However, I'm going to defend Dixie on this one. What were people expecting? Steve Austin? Dave Batista? Rampage isn't a wrestler but he's a big name and someone that people have interest in. He's a bigger name than a lot of the wrestlers people were mentioning such as Shelton Benjamin or John Morrison and should help Spike, Bellator and of course TNA Wrestling. Spike TV is hosting a media conference call today to announce the signing and we'll have full coverage from it.

Are these count out wins actually TAINTING the introduction of Curtis Axel to WWE? People know these are not real wins by pinfall/submission, even if they are against top stars. I'd rather he beat jobbers cleanly and show his talents then get questionable/count out wins.

I actually like the fact that Curtis Axel can claim he's undefeated so he can write stuff like this on Twitter:

This is planting the seed for him to be a very recognizable heel and this is what being a heel is all about. Mowing through enhancement talent is only going to make the crowd chant "Goldberg." I actually thought Axel looked good in the ring against John Cena on Raw this past Monday night and let's not forget what he's done on Smackdown against Sin Cara.

Will Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk be a transitional bout?

By transitional bout I take it you mean start a feud outside of these two and that is certainly a possibility. We heard WWE was considering a Jericho vs. Curtis Axel program before CM Punk's return was announced. The wheels of that program were put into motion on this week's Smackdown, however, we're just going to have to wait and see how it happens. A Jericho vs. Punk bout is fantastic and I will be excited to see it.

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