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Mr. McMahon, Stables In WWE, The Diet Of A Wrestler, Sin Cara A Main Eventer?

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Do you like seeing Vince McMahon as an on-screen character or do you feel he should just stay behind-the-scenes?

The Mr. McMahon character is entertaining in moderation. I find it compelling when McMahon involves himself in storylines, however, his character is like any other character in that it has a limited shelf life. With that being said the Mr. McMahon character is a prime example of taking someone's real-life personality and turning it all the way up.

With DeGeneration X, the nWo, The Nexus and The Ministry/Corp Ministry being the biggest and most memorable stables, do you see WWE ever being able to create a new sustainable stable? If so, what kind do you think would get over and what superstars would make it work?

It would absolutely be possible for WWE to create a new stable on television, however, stables are like characters in they won't last forever. The biggest thing that hinders stables in WWE is overexposure. No matter how awesome something starts out, if it dominates the main event week in and week out, it gets old quick. WWE's problem seems to be they get something red hot and blatantly push it past its shelf life. For example The Nexus was one of the hottest things we'd seen on WWE TV in years when it debuted in June 2010, however, it didn't progress and no one got a significant elevation out of it. As for my opinion on a stable I would like to see, I'd be in favor of something of an Evolution re-creation where younger talents are elevated by established veterans. The problem is they have to find younger workers that can be successful.

What do wrestlers eat on a daily basis to stay in such good shape?

Pro wrestlers are like any other athlete in that it is essential to eat lean protein-heavy diets and accompany them with time in the gym with both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. However, wrestlers have it much more difficult because they are on the road so much. Have you ever tried to eat healthy in an airport? It comes down to making smart decisions and constantly monitoring what they are putting in their bodies.

Do you think Sin Cara (blue) could end up with a title opportunity?

The original hope for Sin Cara was to make him the second coming of Rey Mysterio; however, WWE officials learned very quickly that was much easier said than done. It's going to take patience to get Sin Cara to that level and I'm sure some in the company already doubt his ability to ever be a main eventer. Rey Mysterio is a very rare talent as I feel he's one of the best workers in pro wrestling history.

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