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Too Much Too Fast For Paige, John Cena In TNA, WWE Dragging Out Title Situation, Live Event Refunds

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I don't agree with how Paige was given the WWE Divas Championship immediately upon being called up to the main roster. There are other Divas that have paid their dues, such as Natalya, that have earned the opportunity. What are your thoughts?

The thinking behind hot-shotting Paige to the WWE Divas Championship was that the audience was already familiar with her work in NXT and she would get a big rub from beating AJ Lee. The experiment hasn't worked out and as we reported here at, WWE hasn't been happy with the Divas division in the absence of AJ Lee. I personally feel that pushes without sufficient builds rarely work out and it was too much too fast. I agree there are others, such as Natalya, that have "earned" the opportunity but that's not really how WWE looks at it. Triple H is high up on Alicia Fox and ordered her evaluation. In total, I don't like pushes without build but I don't see it as a situation where championships can be "earned" and the company has to go with what is the most entertaining at the time.

If TNA were to ever have the funds to sign John Cena and he would want to sign with them, what type of reaction do you think he would get? Can you see it being a mixed reaction like he gets now or a huge round of cheers.

This question is the hypothetical of all hypothetical questions. For one, TNA Wrestling couldn't afford to sign John Cena and are in such financial disarray, they're letting talent that they've invested all of their resources in go because they can't pay them. It's amazing to me how little attention is being paid to the demise of TNA. Back to your question, if TNA had the bankroll they had several years ago and could invest heavily into John Cena (and of course he had sufficient interest), I would expect him to get a tremendous babyface reaction. Cena is the top guy in the business and easily the most recognizable out of today's crop of talent. Part of the reason the audience gives him so much heat is because of WWE's reluctance to progress his character. They refuse to change it because it continues to work. However, I could not see Cena working outside of WWE and fully expect him to retire with the company.

Why is WWE dragging out the situation with Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

There are several reasons why the company has been very tactful with the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. For starters, WWE didn't want to say anything about the future of the title until after Daniel Bryan had surgery. Now that the surgery is done, there has still not been a timetable put on his return and the storyline suggests that he'll surrender the title on next week's Raw. So why not just have him drop the title this week? First of all, there was no way Daniel Bryan was going to be able to fly to London just a few days after neck surgery. Next, WWE expected lower viewership for the show because it aired from tape. While WWE never wants to see viewership drop, they understand a taped episode of Raw is not going to draw the same audience as a live show and that's understood when evaluating the numbers. Lastly, another week buys WWE more time to come with a creative plan that can be executed to help build to the next pay-per-view. I don't know the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, however, I know whatever happens, they're going storyline heavy. WWE wants to push The Authority's power and Daniel Bryan's insufficiency. I think they need to tread carefully because Bryan overcame the odds at Wrestlemania and should be treated differently. It would be real easy for the company to fall right back into how they booked Bryan against Randy Orton, nullifying the run up to and at Wrestlemania 30.

Why does WWE occasionally offer refunds at house shows when certain advertised superstars don't appear?

While cards are subject to change, WWE tries to accommodate fans when a top name is unable to appear (something they've done before when John Cena has missed promoted dates and are currently doing on the European tour because of Daniel Bryan). However, you can't just get a refund and return to your seat. If you claim the refund, you have to leave the building and there is a limited time to do so. It's just WWE's way of apologizing for circumstances beyond their control, however, they know the majority of fans are not going to leave.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2014: We all know that LeBron James is a wrestling fan, could you see him having a role in WWE after he retires from basketball? - LeBron James is so athletic he could pick his sport and excel at it and yes, I think he would have success in pro wrestling. NBA players have made the transition in the past and WWE would more than welcome King James to their world, however, he’s got plenty left in the tank and is focused on winning NBA titles at the moment. WWE has actually wanted to get LeBron involved in a storyline for a major pay-per-view but the hangup has been with scheduling. The thinking is WWE would have to do it at SummerSlam before the start of the NBA season; however, there is nothing in the works between the two parties at this time.

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