MVP To Return To WWE?, WWE TLC Under PG Guidelines, RVD's Status, Knockouts vs. Divas, Create A Finisher


Do you think MVP will ever return to the WWE?

It wouldn't be out of the question for MVP to return to WWE. He requested his release last year in order to pursue opportunities internationally, mainly in Japan. I do not think he left on bad terms; however, remember his release was odd in that WWE announced it before his final TV appearance on Smackdown had aired.

Isn't it going to be hard to book an entertaining TLC match while sticking to the WWE PG guidelines?

Gimmick matches such as TLC matches or anything hardcore are more difficult to book when trying to get around WWE PG. The biggest adjustment for me has been getting used to cage matches and Hell in a Cell bouts without color. However, it can be done and I like the fact that the gimmick is limited to a couple matches on the card.

I heard that Rob Van Dam was seriously considering going back to WWE. Is that true?

I reported here on Premium that Rob Van Dam was extremely frustrated with his spot in TNA Impact Wrestling. However, RVD is still under contract with them and he'd have to get out of his deal before a WWE return could be discussed.

With Ric Flair praising the Knockouts and how they bring in the ratings, will Vince McMahon take this as a sign that the Divas shouldn't just be used as time for a bathroom break?

I highly doubt Vince McMahon is paying attention to anything Ric Flair is saying or TNA is doing. WWE pushes their Divas differently than a lot of people think they should, however, they have their reasons for doing so. Since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff joined TNA in 2010, the Knockouts haven't been booked near as effectively as they were in the years prior. TNA is still far away from the stellar pay-per-view matches between Awesome Kong and Gail Kim that were stealing the show.

Who comes up with a worker's finisher?

A worker has to come up with their own finisher in WWE or TNA. I'm currently reading Chris Jericho's "Undisputed" (I know I'm late) and early on, he talks about the differences in working for WCW as opposed to WWE. In WCW, there were no agents to help put together matches and it was up to the workers to get together and plan their matches. Obviously that is different from WWE in which the call goes from creative to the agents to the workers. Jericho also highlights how everything changed in terms of storyline direction and worker freedom with the hiring of head Raw creative team writer Brian Gewirtz.

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