New Sin Cara, Undertaker At WWE TLC?, Outcome Of Title Unification, Good PPV Build

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WWE Title Unification

Will Hunico be playing Sin Cara moving forward?

Hunico was indeed under the Sin Cara mask on Monday Night Raw this week and this appears to be the plan moving forward. The fact WWE put him over Alberto Del Rio clean tells me they still have big plans for the Sin Cara gimmick. It appears that Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the original Sin Cara, is finished with WWE. I'll have more on all of this in this week's Backstage Raw news.

With WWE TLC taking place in Houston, what are the odds Undertaker makes a surprise appearance?

While anything is possible, I wouldn't count on seeing The Undertaker until the build to Wrestlemania XXX next year. If WWE was going to use him on pay-per-view prior, it probably would have been at Survivor Series. As we all saw, that was not the case as Undertaker recently had another surgery that is not expected to impact his status for next year's pay-per-view.

Do you see a possible outcome for the WWE Championship/World Heavyweight Championship match at TLC? For example, both men grab a championship so WWE still has two champions?

When WWE first announced the TLC main event, they were vague in the wording. While the assumption was it would be a unification match, they didn't come right out and say it. That changed on this week's episode of Raw, with WWE moving forward that it would be a unification match. They even held an App vote with fans saying they wanted the new champion to be called the Unified Champion. The Ask WNW mailbox was filled with scenarios, thoughts and ideas but the bottom-line is no one knows where they are going. Based on the way WWE has booked The Authority angle, there is good reason to suspect a screwy finish. However, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon "guarantee" one champion after the pay-per-view.

What's your take on the build to WWE TLC?

I Tweeted Monday night that the build to WWE TLC has been "much better" and it's the first pay-per-view in months that has seemed relevant. Hot shot or not, the fact of the matter is this card features a match that is a "big deal" and I think it will help the show's buy rate. We've talked a lot about pay-per-views being attraction-driven and the unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight titles is a big attraction. People that do not like Cena and do not like Orton are going to moan, groan and complain but if you do not like Cena and you do not like Orton, what are you doing watching WWE? They are number one and number two respectively. How WWE books the bout will have major implications on what I think of TLC and even though I'm not thrilled with a match this big being a hot-shotted gimmick match, it's much better than the monotony we've endured since SummerSlam.

From the Ask WNW vault…

June 2008: I agree that in today's day and age, the Intercontinental Championship belt has turned into an afterthought; once a stepping stone for a superstar, the IC belt has turned into nothing more than a prop that is held by upper level mid-card workers. I think one of the reasons for this is because that WWE has two World Championships as well as the ECW Championship. Factor in the United States Championship belt and you have a ton of championships. I think that it would be refreshing for Shawn Michaels to get a run as IC Champ and like you said - maybe restore the belt's image but I haven't heard anything either way. It's really frustrating how WWE utilizes their titles with them rarely being defended and with Champions getting beat clean in non-title matches.

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