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New TNA Announcer, CM Punk's Fan Attack, WWE Network Overseas, Undertaker’s Future

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Who is the new announcer on Impact Wrestling?

The new person at announce is Todd Keneley. He worked his way up doing work on the independent scene and did some MMA commentary. Most notably, he was the ring announcer for Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling that aired on CMT in 2008. He played football at USC where he graduated. You can follow him on Twitter at this link.

Did anything ever come of CM Punk striking that fan in Sacramento last month?

WWE handled the situation and as far as I know, no litigation has been filed to this date. Many wondered if CM Punk would get in trouble for getting physical with a fan but I was told Vince McMahon blamed event staff and security for being out of position and looked at it as Punk defending himself. This is an incident WWE swept under the rug as they do their best to shy away from any type of negative publicity.

You've written previously that the WWE Network could be available internationally before it was available in the United States. What would it take for this to happen?

A source close to the WWE Network told me that clearances were easier to come by in the United Kingdom and overseas than they were in the United States. This was before Vince McMahon said earlier this month they were moving forward with plans for the WWE Network as a premium channel. I haven't heard an update from my initial update as the company has remained mum regarding the network as they do not t want anything out until clearance deals are signed.

What are your opinions on having The Undertaker return full time to face the "Next Generation" of up-and-coming stars, as a "talent booster" such as Kane was in recent years? (Minus the jobbing.)

Undertaker doesn't have but a couple matches left in him. His body is banged up to the point where he knows he has to carefully plan when he works a match. There's no chance of him returning full-time in a wrestling capacity due to the miles on his body. Things are, however, looking much more promising [than they were a just a couple weeks ago] in terms of him actually working Wrestlemania 29 next year.

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