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New World Champ?, Alternative To 3 Hours Of Raw, TNA's Paid YouTube, Mysterio/Retirement

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What route do you feel WWE should take if Dolph Ziggler can't defend the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules due to a concussion?

A lot of people are going to lobby for Dolph Ziggler to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship if he can't go at Extreme Rules, however, I feel there's something else that could work. In UFC, if a champion is out for a prolonged period of time they crown an interim champion. When the champion gets healthy, they hold a unification bout. If Ziggler is forced out for an extended period of time due to his concussion, why not crown an interim champion? This would only help WWE going forward by giving them a unification championship match at a later date. This also preserves the time and effort they've already put into Ziggler after holding the MITB briefcase for so many months. I will caution we are getting ahead of ourselves and Ziggler hasn't been ruled out for Extreme Rules yet.

With many people "fatigued" over Raw being three hours each week, would it make more sense to precede a two-hour Raw with a different show. Maybe NXT?

This is an excellent idea and actually the original plan. Vince McMahon stated in a conference call with investors back in 2011 there were plans for a new one-hour live show to air before Monday Night Raw. This was after the resurrected version of WWE Tough Enough had success-preceding Raw on the USA Network from April-June 2011. Ultimately the decision was made to extend Raw to three hours, making the show "more interactive" and incorporating new elements such as WWE Active. I didn't like it from the day it was announced and don't like it nearly a year in. Three hours of live WWE Raw is too much every week. It's too much for the writers and it's too much for the viewers. WWE doesn't seem to be getting the message as they've been happy with the way the three-hour shows have performed and are adding 30-minute online pre-shows this summer.

What are your thoughts on the new TNA Wrestling PLUS YouTube Channel?

I'm perplexed over TNA Wrestling's new YouTube channel and have already asked my Facebook friends what they think. The channel is mostly old pay-per-views from 2004 through 2012. The problem I have with this is didn't TNA recently change the PPV side of their business because there wasn't enough interest in shows every month? I find it interesting they would market a channel consisting of pay-per-views they no longer produce because they didn't draw considerable interest. I'd like to see more Impact on the channel. Impact is by far more in demand than the pay-per-views that sometimes drew under 10,000 buys on their first run.

When will Rey Mysterio retire?

I'm not going to be the one to put a time stamp on Rey Mysterio. Rey is one of the best in-ring workers of all-time and has had horrible luck in recent years with knee problems. I hope he can get back for one more run but it'd be irresponsible to predict a retirement date. I'm rooting for Mysterio to get healthy.

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