New WWE Rosters, Wellness Policy Credible w/Reigns Failure?, Former Stars Returning

John Cena and Roman Reigns

Do you have any idea what the rosters will look like following the 2016 WWE Draft next month? Who headlines each brand?

All of the stuff that I have heard has been preliminary and we must treat it as such. Vince McMahon keeps roster decisions very close to his vest; often not even informing the talent before the moves are announced on live television. Remember when Jim Ross was shockingly moved from Raw to Smackdown several years ago? He didn’t find out until it was announced (although we had reported the move was in the works on WNW Premium). We’re expecting John Cena to headline Raw and Roman Reigns to headline Smackdown but literally anything could happen. I would also expect Shane McMahon on one show and Stephanie McMahon on the other and I know the way it’s set now, Shane is slated to “run” Raw with Stephanie to “run” Smackdown. Regardless of Smackdown’s move live, Vince will always view Raw as superior.

I read this morning here on that Simon Gotch possibly picked up an injury yesterday. Have you had time to gather an update? If so, what’s the latest?

I spoke with a few people and the latest I have is that Simon Gotch is going to be OK. I believe there was some concern about a concussion but I do not believe that to be the case. If it was anything more than a minor bad bump, we’ll make sure to update on the main listing.

Does the suspension of Roman Reigns for violating the WWE Wellness Policy add merit they will indeed suspend anyone if they test dirty?

I was told WWE officials knew of Roman Reigns’s dirty test and Vince McMahon planned to punish him by having him drop the belt at the pay-per-view via a clean pin and that was going to be it. But apparently the news of the failed test got out and WWE had to announce it publicly. Regardless, I will always have serious concerns about WWE’s Wellness Policy. From the prescription loophole to the lack of top names that have tested positive. Forgive me for sounding so cynical but if you think these are the only people that have had a dirty Wellness test, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

As for Roman, he's being praised by the way he handled it; probably a well-calculated WWE effort and his push isn't going anywhere.

Is it true Vince McMahon wants to bring back talent such as John Morrison and Jeff Hardy?

Yes, we’ve been covering this extensively in the Members content section of Vince wants to bring back some names the WWE audience is already familiar with in attempt to bolster the roster depth with the split. Morrison is under contract with Lucha Underground but has drawn interest and Jeff, who is under contract with TNA Wrestling, is also on WWE’s radar. Check out WNW Premium for the very latest on several names.

I read online that Big Show warned Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods against doing The New Day gimmick. Is that true?

Yes, it’s true! The Big Show said at Wizard World Comic Con that he advised Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods against doing The New Day gimmick; only to come back a couple weeks later and admit he was wrong. You can see this tape at this link.

This is why I always say patience must be shown with new gimmicks. What may seem like a flop may not always be. I wonder how many gimmicks they’ve pulled the plug on too early that could have gotten over. However, I also understand the flip side of the argument, with WWE pushing gimmicks too long that never have a chance to get over.

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