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New WWE Title Belt?, HBK vs. Daniel Bryan, Stephanie's Slammy, No Divas In Saudi Arabia

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Shawn Michaels & Daniel Bryan

Do you believe WWE will introduce a new championship Belt at TLC to signify the new Undisputed Champion and retire the old belts?

I still think we need to be careful assuming that Triple H is going to "follow through" with the unification of the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship at TLC. It seems inevitable, especially given the billing for the last two weeks, but there is more than enough evidence to be suspicious of some type of screwy finish. If WWE does indeed unify the titles on Sunday, I could not fathom them scrapping the newly designed WWE title belt. So much went into the belt The Rock debuted earlier this year, not to mention it cost the company more than $50,000.

I know Shawn Michaels said he will honor his retirement, but after the ending to this week's Raw, do you see it possible that he has one more match, teaming with Triple H to take on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan?

I heard that Vince McMahon wants to do Shawn Michaels vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX next year but that Shawn wouldn't commit. WWE continues to tease the bout, with the Sweet Chin Music on this week's episode of Monday Night only furthering speculation. At this point it's completely up to Shawn Michaels whether or not he wrestles again but I can tell you WWE would welcome it.

Since when would any fan want Stephanie McMahon to win a Slammy? Are the Slammys staged?

Stephanie McMahon got my vote for "Insult of the Year!" In my opinion, her slapping Big Show and "degrading" him on live television was a very well done segment. I actually laugh every time I see the tape because of the all the stereotypes that it follows. As for voting, people are always going to accuse it's rigged because it's WWE. I have no evidence to prove it is or that it isn't. However, I can tell you when WWE has done votes in the past (both on their App and on dot com), the results have been legitimate.

Since WWE is touring Saudi Arabia next year, do you think they will bring the Divas?

WWE will not bring the Divas to Saudi Arabia due to their strict observation of the dress code in the Sharia (or law of Islam). The company is committed to global expansion or more specially, expansion in the Middle East. They view Saudi Arabia as a largely untapped market with nearly 30 million people.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2012: How legitimate was the voting for the Slammy Awards on Monday night? - WWE used the Slammy Awards as their first big opportunity to promote their new App. From everything I’ve heard it worked great and the goal of widespread downloads was accomplished. I haven’t heard how legitimate the voting was but I can tell you in the past, when WWE has done polls, the voting has been fairly legitimate. The only time in recent memory where I can recall a poll being fixed was the Kane over Daniel Bryan Twitter poll from Raw a few weeks back.

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