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No Confidence In Alberto Del Rio, HHH's "Injury," Mysterio's Future In WWE, Going Twitter Crazy

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With WWE giving the WWE Championship to Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam, taking it off at Night of Champions and then giving it back again at Hell In A Cell, do you feel the company has some concern towards him being a main event talent and are testing the waters with him now as he went over Cena at Vengeance?

WWE doesn't have confidence in Alberto Del Rio as WWE Champion and I disagree with the fact they haven't let him beat John Cena clean. As soon as it looks like WWE has finally given Del Rio the green light they make sure he doesn't get a clean victory against Cena. As the storyline went on Sunday, Cena actually won the match but was screwed because The Miz and R-Truth distracted the referee from making the count. This is the kind of stuff that makes fans hate Cena and holds people like Del Rio from breaking through the glass ceiling.

Is Triple H going to use the sledgehammer shots and storyline injury as a reason to be off WWE's UK tour next month?

The storyline timetable is "at least 6 weeks" so it appears not only is Hunter not in the plans to work Survivor Series but he's not going to be on the United Kingdom tour. I haven't heard future plans for his storyline but it certainly appears the company is building towards a program with Kevin Nash.

Why is the WWE trying to get rid of Rey Mysterio with Sin Cara? Rey is only 37 years old.

Rey Mysterio was upset and actually requested his release from WWE in March which got the wheels in motion to sign Sin Cara. WWE brought Cara in and quickly learned it's not going to be easy to replace one of the best in-ring workers of all-time. However, despite denying our report of requesting his release, Mysterio is out because of a legitimate knee injury he suffered after he had already worked out his issues with WWE. As things currently stand Mysterio is rehabbing his knee (which has had complications and more surgery) in hopes of being able to compete at Wrestlemania XXVIII next year in Miami.

What are the odds that WWE owns stock in Twitter? They seem to be promoting Twitter more than their own product lately. What are they trying to accomplish with all the Twitter hype?

WWE doesn't have a stake in Twitter but as I reported here on Premium on October 13th, Vince McMahon's latest "kick" is to make Raw Supershow a more interactive show. As I Tweeted Monday night, I had no idea when I reported this that it would become a focal point of the show and certainly feel they are going overboard. Even Joey Styles noted on Twitter that WWE was promoting the social networking platform more than their own website.

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