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No Confidence In Randy Orton?, Feeding Fans Ryback, Kane Backstage, Hogan & Sting To WWE?

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I am glad to see Daniel Bryan shockingly win the WWE title, but wow what a short reign for the "face" of the company. Does this mean there still isn't much faith in Randy Orton?

The Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton feud is not over. As I discussed in my Richard Reacts that you can listen too at this link, there were two things that happened in this match that indicate it's part of storyline progression - the referee swap and the fast count. A lot of people didn't notice the fast count made by Scott Armstrong because they didn't play it up on announce but there's more to the story. So while Daniel Bryan fans left the pay-per-view excited, there's more to the story that will be told on Monday Night Raw.

Alberto Del Rio fails to connect with a live audience and his character is incredibly stale, so why does WWE continuously try to shove him down our throats? They've tried for three years to make him a main eventer and it hasn't worked?

I don't think Alberto Del Rio is one of the best heels ever or anything like that but I disagree with your opinion of him. I feel Del Rio is an established top heel and WWE likes him to help carry the Latino fan base. There is nothing particularly eye popping with his work but he can hold his own and make people buy into his gimmick. If you want to hear a guy that I'm sick of having forced at me - it's Ryback. Aligning Ryback with Paul Heyman seems to be the company's way of trying yet again to establish him as a top guy but so far, it hasn't worked. Blame the booking, blame the talent - I don't care who gets the blame. The bottom-line is no one buys him as a viable threat. It's been a year now and fans are still chanting "Goldberg." I know I'm on record as to saying a mouthpiece could help Ryback but as we've seen with the Curtis Axel experiment, putting Paul Heyman with a talent doesn't guarantee success.

What do people backstage think of Kane? Even more so, what do critical people like CM Punk or Triple H think of him?

I haven't heard anything bad about Kane so I assume he's a guy that is well respected. Kane is a versatile talent that is capable of getting over multiple gimmicks. Comedy? He can do that. Monster? He can do that. Starring movie role? He can do that. Kane is one of those guys WWE is extremely fortunate to have. I've never viewed him as a "face of the company" type talent but I think he is a very valuable asset. As for the opinions from CM Punk and Triple H, I have no idea what they think of him personally. Punk, a known liberal, has opposite political views of Kane, a known Libertarian. Other than that, I don't know. My focus, and this website's focus, is what is going on in regards to storylines, injuries, contracts and things of that nature. I don't focus on the gossip with stuff like who gets along with who, who is dating who, etc.

Rumors have been flying around about Sting leaving TNA and heading to WWE. As with all good rumors this has been the case for over three years. Do you think he will ever jump ship and head to WWE or do you think he very well could retire as one of the greatest to never sign a contract with the WWE?

We get the Sting question all the time but there's a reason I'm bringing it back today. Did anyone else notice that Sting and Hulk Hogan won fan polls as the greatest US and WWE Champions of all-time on the Night of Champions pay-per-view? Now, let me ask some questions. Why do you think WWE would do this? Are they just a very honest company that doesn't mind featuring talent working for another organization? Did you notice that Hogan had more than half of the vote in a poll that featured Steve Austin and John Cena? WWE
would clearly love to work with both Sting and Hogan and the door with Hogan has already been re-opened with WWE 2K14. I don't care how much Eric Bischoff lies or Hogan downplays it, the fact of the matter is Hogan wants to work with Vince. Why wouldn't he? Sting is year to year with TNA and keeps his status open so he has options. Until Sting hangs it up, there is always a chance.

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