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No Titles In WWE PPV Main Events, Vince McMahon's Immature Bullying Of Jim Ross, Prestige Of World Titles, Ryback Getting Stale

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We are now six pay-per-views into the year, and none of them have had a championship match to close out the show. Aside from the Royal Rumble, all main events for the night have included John Cena facing his feud of the month. I understand that Cena is the #1 man in the WWE, but why do they keep pushing him as the closer despite not being in any title scenarios since last October?

Sean Hopkins and I texted briefly about this very issue after No Way Out and our opinion is something is wrong when you're halfway through the year and none of the WWE pay-per-view main events have featured one of their titles. The only excuse I can give you is booking that misses the mark and the fact that Vince McMahon sees Cena and his drawability bigger than either world title. The company is lacking in star power right now and the idea to fix things is to make John Cena the focal point of programming.

Why does Vince McMahon hate Jim Ross so much and ridicule him?

I am assuming you are talking about Vince McMahon's impersonation of Jim Ross in the segment with Hornswoggle on Raw Supershow. Vince does not hate Jim Ross, Vince likes to bully him. It's like Vince gets some type of sick pleasure by picking on JR. One thing to keep in mind is WWE is ran under the high school jock mentality with some people getting bullied for the sake of a cheap laugh. It's very disrespectful, especially to a legend such as Jim Ross who is the best play-by-play man in the history of the wrestling business.

Do you think having a world title defended on free TV brings down the prestige?

WWE and TNA are better suited to feature world title matches on pay-per-view rather than free TV, however, the prestige isn't hurt as long as they are defended. What I detest are non-title matches with champions going under as that hurts the prestige of the belts. I'm also a fan of longer world title reigns as I feel it helps build the legitimacy of the championship.

I hate to be "that guy", and don't get me wrong, I'm loving the Ryback character, but I am not officially bored with the double-local talent squash matches. When are we going to move on?

I guess when they "feed him three." WWE wants to build Ryback up as a dominant force and haven't even established him as a heel or babyface yet, however, not only are the double squashes getting repetitive but the squashes in general are becoming overdone. Vince McMahon loves Ryback's look and wants to recreate Goldberg but the more indy workers he squashes, the less I seem to care.

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