One WWE World Title Belt, Promoting CM Punk, Adding To Factions Destroys Them, Opponents For Sting In WWE

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If WWE did indeed retire the World Heavyweight Championship belt on this week's Raw, what are your thoughts?

My reaction to WWE retiring the World Heavyweight Championship belt is simple: It's about time. WWE has had one world champion for over 7 months now. I understand the initial point of having the champion carrying two belts, to accentuate the victory, but this is long overdue. WWE spent $50,000 on a new title belt that took a year and a half to make, that's their new world title and that's the belt the champion should carry. Obviously, two belts means more merchandise to sell but WWE has never had a problem selling throwback merchandise before. As for the criticism of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, the same people that hate it are the same people that emailed us for years about their disdain for the "spinner" belt. Some people cannot be pleased and that's unfortunate.

I was watching Raw on Monday when a CM Punk promo in regards to his DVD aired. Is there a reason why WWE would do this on the final week of his Performer's Contract? Is this due to the amount of fans chanting his name? I would have thought WWE would do everything they could do prevent any hype due to the way he parted ways? What's your take on it?

I'm told the CM Punk promo was two-part. One, it was to make sure fans remember him and two, it was to show CM Punk the company hasn't forgotten about him. Attempts to re-sign CM Punk were unsuccessful as he was unwilling to negotiate a new WWE Performer's Contract. If anything, Punk proved a great point. He'll move on with his life having left the biggest professional wrestling promotion in the prime of his career. However, as a Punk fan, I just hope he doesn't end up regretting it. Punk could have come back -- at any point -- and cashed in big time, with the potential of surpassing his stardom. He didn't and with every week that goes by, that momentum only decreases. Steve Austin said you should never leave money on the table and that's what Punk did. I wish him well and am thankful for the CM Punk memories.

Do you think it would help Bray Wyatt if a new female member was added to The Wyatt Family?

I don't think Bray Wyatt needs any help. He's getting over just fine on his own, he has phenomenal mic skills and the in-ring abilities to go with them. I suppose I view The Wyatt Family differently than a lot of people. When I look at the Wyatts, I look for ways to elevate all three. I don't look at it and say: OK, who should WWE add now? If we look back through wrestling history, we can easily see how this type of thinking "waters down" factions and dismantles early momentum. Almost every faction I can think of was destroyed by adding to them.

I have been asking this question ever since Sting has been rumored to join WWE. What would you think of Triple H vs. Sting at Wrestlemania 31?

Triple H spoke about Sting in WWE in this week's kayfabe sit-down interview with Michael Cole. In it, he listed four possible dream match scenarios for people that pre-order WWE 2K15 and obtain the playable Sting character. Those matches were Sting vs. Steve Austin, Sting vs. The Rock, Sting vs. The Undertaker and Sting vs. Triple H. If you pre-order the game, you can play each one of them. Sting hasn't been shy about wanting one more match -- one against the Undertaker. WWE now has the use of Sting and while they're starting with merchandise, I believe a final dream match isn't out of the question. I know there were creative rumblings about utilizing him at Wrestlemania 31 next year before Wrestlemania 30 this year. As for an opponent, it will depend on the situation but I would be fine with any of those mentioned on Wednesday by Triple H.

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August 2013: Do you think John Cena should get an extended break like CM Punk got? - There has been concern about John Cena burning himself out both physically and mentally but John is a workaholic. He’s a guy that wants to be out there performing in the ring. This aspect, which is often highlighted in his promos, is just part of who he is. WWE does feel they need him as he remains the face of the company and their top draw.

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