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How Was Orton Busted Open, Is Sasha Suspended, Universal Championship Design, Did Roman Turn Heel?

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WWE Universal Championship

Did Randy Orton blade or was he busted open the hard way?

That is a good question and honestly I don't have a definitive answer for you. I went back and re-watched the footage several times to try and determine whether he was cut or whether he was busted open hard with an elbow. I still couldn't determine which was the cause. After looking at the giant gash on Orton for head I would guess he was busted open hard. The only thing that leads me to think he bladed was because it went so well into the TKO ending. Either way I wasn't a fan of the ending. Maybe I'm getting too old or out of touch but the amount of blood that came out of Randy was sickening and watching Lesnar beat a badly bleeding man was not something that left me feeling good about WWE.

I heard Sasha dropped the title last night because she was suspended, is there any truth to that?

Absolutely not! People are saying this because of the recent suspensions and the fact Sasha bad been pulled from shows for the next 33 days. WWE is just pulling her from upcoming shows. Sasha dropping the title was planned to give Sasha some time off to take care of nagging injuries, and likely so she can take a honeymoon. Many wrestlers will combine time off for injuries with personal holidays and visa versa. Sasha has not violated the wellness policy!

Why did WWE choose such an ugly championship design for the Universal Championship?

Honestly, I’m not sure what the logic was behind the current design, but it doesn't seem to have been given much thought. It looks just like the WWE Championship that someone spilled strawberry jam on. I have heard at least a dozen people say it looks like it was designed in the Create-A-Title mode in WWE 2K, and that isn't a compliment. With all the negativity around the name Universal Championship you would think they would've given it a very fresh, new design to help people get over the name, but instead they took the lazy route and Finn Balor and Seth Rollins suffered the consequences of WWE’s laziness during their match. Fans spent half the match chanting negativity towards the design.

Did Roman Reigns turn heel last night?

Some people seem to think so, but I'm not so sure. I think that they just hit the reset button to make Roman more aggressive. That's what originally got him over, and I think they are going back to that tactic. I could see where fans would think that Roman went heel last night, but it would have to be a double turn at that point. I'm not ruling that out, but we will have to see how tonight goes on Raw before we make any judgments. I personally think that a heel turn could do more good for Roman than pushing through a face run, but I don't think WWE is going to take that route. Even though Vince has cooled on Roman, he is still a fan and might come back around on a Roman push in the future.

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