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Orton & Rollins Red Hot, End Of The Authority?, Survivor Series Free, Merch Input

The following is today's edition of Ask WNW. Ask WNW is the most popular feature on the website where Richard Gray answers four questions daily, Monday through Friday. To submit your question for the next installment of Ask WNW, click here.

During the main event of Raw, I saw that Randy Orton once again had a little band on his finger, and have noticed it many times before. What is it and what is it for!?

Randy Orton wears one of his daughter’s hair ties on his right ring finger when he’s working for WWE. That is what he was wearing on Monday and what you’ve seen him wear countless other times.

With Orton turning on The Authority do you think it's setting up for him to be on Team Cena at Survivor Series?

WWE wrote Randy Orton off television on Monday with an injury angle we recapped at this link. One could make the argument he’s set up for a surprise return at Survivor Series - as a member of Team Cena — where he would generate a huge pop in his hometown of St. Louis and effectively put an end to The Authority. However, that could be a little too obvious and he is going to miss some time filming The Condemned 2, which starts next week in New Mexico. I did notice a couple things on Raw where I believe WWE deserves some credit. First, Seth Rollins is a legitimate top heel and a clean(ish) win over Orton helped that. Second, Orton has been rejuvenated in this program and while he’ll never be a complete babyface, the “lone wolf” role could be very effective. Regardless, it’s a sure thing we haven’t seen the last of Orton vs. Rollins and the program is already helping both workers.

Do you think with WWE giving Survivor Series away for free it in some way makes a joke of one of the most historic PPVs? I bought tickets for the event when they first went on sale and now I'm probably not even going. What's the point for my friends and I to spend all the money on gas/lodging to go when I could just sit at home and watch it?

I guess you can’t please everyone? I don’t think giving away Survivor Series for free is a bad thing, especially if WWE can somehow convey the message to their audience this is what non-Network subscribers are missing. A lot of people think because it’s a “free show” WWE will make it mean less or it won’t have the same quality as a paid show. I see it differently. I think this is WWE’s opportunity to load the show up in terms of match and stream quality to deliver big and entice new people to subscribe to the service. If WWE bombs, what incentive would it give someone to subscribe? So I don’t think making Survivor Series free makes it a joke, in fact I believe it makes it mean more than it has in recent years. Further, #FreeFreeFree certainly muted all the $9.99 mentions from Raw and that's important because that clearly is not growing the Network at the rate WWE had hoped.

As for you choosing not to attend over it, that’s your right. However, I don’t know if you’ve ever attended a WWE show but it’s a much different experience than watching on TV or pay-per-view. Every WWE [and TNA] show that I have ever attended, I’ve had a blast. From pay-per-views to TVs to live events, they’ve all been exhilarating and I’ve never felt ripped off. Even shows that were lackluster to watch were fun attending live. The energy at the Scottrade Center should be pretty fun and if you already have tickets, I would definitely use them.

Do the WWE superstars get to help design their merchandise?

WWE Superstars and Divas are able to submit ideas for their merchandise, just like they are able to submit ideas for their character. Whether or not WWE uses them is a different story and likely hinges on who the performer is and whether or not the higher ups agree with the vision of that particular worker. Also, WWE has been known to take ideas used by contracted talent on social media and implement them in merchandise. One may say that’s not fair but it’s win/win because talent are paid a percentage of royalties on their respective merchandise.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: What is your take on CM Punk striking the fan? - There is no excuse to ever get physical with a fan. We could try and make an argument that the fan “deserved it” but Punk assaulted the wrong fan. The one pestering him walked away unscathed while the tape shows an incident onlooker got struck and his glasses broke. However, I’m not going to put the blame completely on Punk, as event staff and security are at fault for not containing the crowd around Punk. It’s their job to keep the workers safe when they go into the crowd and they failed at that on Raw. With that being said workers have a responsibility to remain composed no matter what.

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