Orton Surpasses Punk, Two Titles, New Age Outlaws/WWE Contracts, Wrestlemania 32 At AT&T Stadium, Heat On Ambrose?, Jarrett's Future

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Is Randy Orton once again the "number 2" behind John Cena, surpassing CM Punk to the WWE pecking order?

It's probably a fair point to make that Randy Orton is once again the "1b" behind John Cena. When Orton got into the doghouse a couple years ago for his Wellness Policy violation, there was a lot of talk about what to do with him. WWE was paying him superstar money but they didn't really trust him to work in the main event. However, WWE also knew if they released him, they were essentially delivering him on a silver platter to TNA or another organization. As it played out, the company humbled him for a little over a year before restarting on him in a big way.

With Randy Orton carrying both titles as champion is their a chance that the WWE will reactivate the title or is it officially retired for good?

The fact Randy Orton is still carrying both title belts makes no sense and is a blatant contraction to a point WWE made while promoting the title unification. It was announced on Raw prior to the unification [at TLC] that both belts would never be in the ring together again, yet Orton showed up on the Raw after the pay-per-view with both titles. If WWE were to split the titles so close to unifying them it would make no sense and would not be something I would support. As far as I know the plan going forward is to move with one WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The New Age Outlaws appear quite regularly on special edition episodes of Monday Night Raw. They appear to be in excellent shape and are able to draw quite a large pop from the audience. Why aren't we seeing them on part-time contracts, wrestling on TV and helping to revive the tag-team division?

Both Billy Gunn and Road Dogg have WWE contracts and are routinely at WWE television tapings as they work as producers backstage. Road Dogg has had the gig since 2011, while Gunn was hired in 2012 as an NXT trainer but was recently promoted to a main roster producer.

Just out of curiosity, how is it a new stadium like Levi's Stadium is selected to host WrestleMania 31, but other stadiums that have been around longer, such as AT&T Stadium in Arlington, haven't been selected to host?

AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas is set to host Wrestlemania 32 in 2016. The way WWE selects the host for Wrestlemania is a process and it hinges on a number of factors. To summarize, WWE notifies cities that are in the running and politicians submit formal proposals to WWE about why their city should host the event. WWE reviews the proposals and picks the winner after determining the best fit for that current year. AT&T Stadium is a venue that has interested Vince McMahon since construction was completed in 2009, however, there have been scheduling issues that had to be worked out.

While I personally laughed, do you see Dean Ambrose taking any heat for smiling as Jake "The Snake" Roberts laid the snake on him at the end of RAW?

I noticed Dean Ambrose smiling as well and if anything, I think it helps him. Who smiles when someone is setting a large snake on their face? While WWE will probably outright ignore it, they could always reference it as yet another reason why Ambrose is "different." The overrun segment of this week's "Old School" episode of Monday Night Raw was a lot of fun and really made the night for me. Too often this business is filled with tragedies and seeing the redemption of Jake Roberts is awesome.

Do you see Jeff Jarrett returning to WWE now that he is on his own?

We never say never in this business but from what I understand, Jeff Jarrett has his own project up his sleeve. We reported on Christmas Eve here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium there was internal fear within TNA that Jarrett was looking to start a new promotion with the group financed by Toby Keith that was looking to purchase TNA Wrestling.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2010: What was your take on the whole "Old School" Raw? I personally thought it was a nice change but they could have done so much more to make it a real entertaining show. If you ask me I feel the WWE just wanted to capitalize on the new clothing line that was just released. Most of the old wrestlers they brought were used as props for the most part. Overall I was disappointed. - I think you're in the minority based on responses we received. I thought Monday's "Old School" Raw was entertaining from start to finish and there was very little to criticize. If we are going to put the show under the microscope, they could have done a better job pushing Survivor Series and they've overdone The Hart Dynasty breakup but Monday night was the first time in a long time I didn't catch myself tempted to change the channel. The show was entertaining for three hours and that's a rarity in today's PG programming. I took several good things away from Monday's show with the most important being WWE can create entertaining PG programming. It takes a little more effort with more variety but it is possible. I said on Tuesday this was "WWE at its best" and I'm not backing off that statement. Sure it doesn't compare to the "best" of WWE's heyday but it was certainly one of the better shows of the past two years.

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