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Orton's Head Punt, Miz Scaled Back, Bryan Chokeslam, Heyman In WWE

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Orton Head Punt

Why does Randy Orton no longer use the punt anymore?

Randy Orton's punt to the head of his opponents has been phased out due to WWE's stance on concussions. As we saw at Extreme Rules, the company still allows him to use it in certain situations but it's not something that you can expect to return full-time to Orton's move set. Basically, it's a move that carries a risk that WWE feels outweighs the reward. Orton was able to use it at the pay-per-view due to the Extreme Rules stipulation and the fact they were in St. Louis (his hometown) didn't hurt things. Dolph Ziggler's concussion was another sobering reminder of the dangers of spots to the head and WWE is very serious in trying to cut down the number of concussions suffered by talent.

The Miz has really fallen down the card following his WWE title match at Wrestlemania 27. When do you expect him to return to the main event scene?

The Miz took a lot of heat from people such as Dave Batista and CM Punk about being in the main event of Wrestlemania 27. The criticism was that he's a guy that doesn't have a "main event feel" and Punk actually said it was one of the reasons why he wanted to quit the company. Batista joked that he was in no hurry to return to WWE to work a program against Miz. No matter how hard Miz works, he's never going to be able to shed the perception some people have of him as a reality television star and not a pro wrestler. I feel he's a good example of someone that has worked very hard to get to the top. There is no way I can accurately predict if or when he will return to the main event scene.

Do you think Daniel Bryan will end up using the chokeslam on TV after doing it on live events?

Daniel Bryan has been doing a bit with Kane at WWE live events where he performs a chokeslam and claims he has a better one than Kane. The spot has drawn a lot of interest and I'm sure many would love to see him do it on Kane on television. We'll have to wait and see if the spot makes it on TV but it certainly appears WWE is going to go with an inevitable Bryan vs. Kane program in breaking up Team Hell No. Last week's Smackdown, and the Backstage Fallout afterwards, looked to be the beginning of gimmick progression for Bryan.

With Paul Heyman seemingly getting another big push with Curtis Axel, what is the opinion of him backstage or more specifically Mr. McMahon's opinion of Heyman?

Actually, Curtis Axel is getting a big push with Paul Heyman. Heyman already has a solidified spot as a manager for main event talent. The idea is to put Heyman with Curtis Axel to skyrocket him up the card. As for Heyman's status in WWE, his role is all business. It was CM Punk, not Brock Lesnar, that brought him back to WWE and got him a top spot in the company. As far as I know things have gone fine with Vince McMahon and Stephanie but Paul isn't heavily involved in the creative process. I have been told that Heyman has pitched creative ideas so he's not completely alienated either.

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