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Overused Catch Phrases, Shawn Michaels At Wrestlemania XXVIII, WWE's Commitment To Khali, The Rock Bringing Out The Best In Cena?, Orton vs. Kane

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What are your feelings on overused catch phrases? When Hulk Hogan turned heel in the 90s he dropped and really hasn't used the whole "say your prayers eat your vitamins" phrase, with The Rock returning his old catch phrases don't seem to have that "wait for it" moment, instead it seems like he's just saying it to get it over with? Do you think The Rock should have returned with a newer updated phrase?

It really comes down to personal preference as to what you can label as an overused catch phrase. I have been pretty high up on The Rock's mic work since returning but I did grow tired of the DeGeneration X catch phrases towards the end of their last run and have been over the "what" chants that Steve Austin draws for years. As for Rock coming to WWE with a newer updated phrase - he did - Boots to Asses.

What is the point in having a special guest referee in the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Triple H? After all, there are practically no rules.

WWE wanted to add a new element to an old match, which is why Shawn Michaels is the special guest referee of The Undertaker vs. Triple H. Regardless of how much Michaels has to "referee," his involvement adds another element of intrigue to the bout.

Is WWE's sudden interest in The Great Khali based solely on TNA's recent success with Ring Ka King in India?

Vince McMahon is high up on The Great Khali because of his international appeal in India. He also feels Khali's look is very marketable and regardless of his in-ring work, his extraordinary size makes him an attraction. I don't know how much Ring Ka King has played into WWE pushing Khali as they pushed him before TNA ever expanded into the country. There were plans in WWE to expand further into India towards the end of last year and at the time, re-signing Khali was considered a top priority. When Vince McMahon cooled on the expansion plans, Khali became an afterthought and there was a point where he almost left over a dispute involving dates. A new deal was obviously worked out and WWE continues to push Khali for the aforementioned reasons.

Wouldn't you agree The Rock does an excellent job in refreshing the Cena character? I've been one of the biggest Cena haters for years but I find him to be so entertaining now that he's dropped that over the top PG gimmick. This could really go somewhere.

John Cena's latest promo work with The Rock has been some of his best promo work in years. I don't know if it's The Rock bringing out the best in Cena or if it's WWE giving him freer reign in terms of the PG initiative. Whatever the case, I agree Cena's work has been refreshing and is of no comparison to some of the stuff he did with Kane which fell flat for more often than not.

Is it safe to assume Randy Orton's Wrestlemania XXVIII opponent will be Kane?

It's pretty safe to say the plan is to do Randy Orton vs. Kane at Wrestlemania XXVIII. I find this interesting because there was talk about turning Mark Henry babyface and programming him with Kane for Wrestlemania. Remember it was Henry that originally wrote Kane off television. Henry was vehemently against the proposed babyface turn and it seems WWE has abandoned his massive push.

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