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Owen Hart A WWE HoF Snub, Aces & Eights Revealed, The Top Star Behind John Cena, Laurinaitis Proves His Resilience

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Since Bret Hart and Vince McMahon have been able to have a working relationship for the last few years, why hasn't Owen made the Hall of Fame yet? He has enough credentials to make it and was one of the best in-ring workers from 1993 until his tragic death in 1999.

It's hard for me to answer questions that relate to Vince McMahon's mindset because with Vince you never know, however, I don't think it's Bret Hart that has caused Owen Hart to be a Hall of Fame snub. Owen's widow, Martha Hart, filed and won a wrongful death lawsuit against WWE after his death and still has pending litigation against the company over unpaid royalties. When WWE uses the likeness of Owen Hart they have to compensate Martha and that doesn't seem to be a desirable thing to do after they have paid her millions.

Who are the Aces and Eights and when will they be revealed?

There are four names I can confirm have taken part in the group. Those names are Mike Knox, Luke Gallows, D-Lo Brown and Wes Brisco. D-Lo isn't expected to be a full-time member and the rumored name to be the leader of the group is Jeff Jarrett. As for when their identities will be revealed, I'm under the impression it's imminent.

Is CM Punk still the number two behind John Cena with Randy Orton back?

I heard prior to Randy Orton's suspension that CM Punk had surpassed him as the number two guy behind John Cena and when Orton was suspended, that position was sealed. However, from what I'm seeing now, I do not believe WWE has given up on Orton and may in fact just have been trying to scare him. WWE had replaced Orton with Punk on Smackdown live events but with Orton back, Punk is back touring with Raw and Orton is already working in the top of the card in Smackdown (as he was expected and as we had reported).

It seems that every dark match main event after Raw features John Laurinaitis. What is the reasoning behind this?

WWE is trying to squeeze every bit of heat they can out of the John Laurinaitis character. Vince McMahon was very pleased with how Big Johnny got over and they've used him in dark match main event situations and at live events. Once described to me as one of the most resilient people in the business, Laurinaitis was able to keep a job as a WWE official as a producer after essentially being forced out of running Talent Relations by Triple H.

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