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PAC/WWE, Lesnar Or Punk At WM29, Why Tonight Is Crucial For WWE, Raw 3 Hours

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CM Punk

What happened to the high flying indy worker PAC?

PAC signed a WWE developmental contract in July 2012 and is currently working in NXT Wrestling as Adrian Neville. You can check out his recent work set to air on WWE NXT in the taping results posted here at

Who has a better chance of going over at Wrestlemania 29 - Brock Lesnar or CM Punk?

Pretty much everyone I speak with feels Undertaker is going 21-0 while Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar is more up in the air. I personally feel that both Lesnar and Punk go under and that Triple H avenges his loss from SummerSlam while Undertaker upholds the streak. My preference is for Punk to end the streak although I can see valid arguments from both sides on Hunter vs. Lesnar. Many readers are interpreting my personal preference of Punk "ending the streak" to think I'm saying it's likely to happen or even being talked about. This is unfounded as I feel Undertaker goes over and that he's returning to do just that. However, I do think WWE has a unique opportunity and if there is ever going to be a payoff to the streak, this is the year.

Is it just me or does it seem like there is a lack of hype for Wrestlemania 29?

This week's WWE Raw is critical to the build of Wrestlemania 29 and WWE must rebound from a very weak show last week. The Rock is back so expect a heavy push for his WWE title match against John Cena. The hype for Wrestlemania started strong but has dwindled with weak programming. I recommend you check out our "Open Thread" Watch Party Monday night and join in with the discussion. Click here for more information or click here to confirm on Facebook.

Did WWE ever think the reason for viewership dropping in the third hour of Raw is because the show doesn't end until 11:15 and young audience isn't up until that time especially a Monday night with school the next day?

WWE pursuing a younger audience could be a culprit for viewers tuning out for the third and final hour of Raw, however, I do not feel this is the reason. Prior to WWE taking Raw to a three-hour format, the 10-11 hour was always the most watched hour. WWE PG began in 2008 so the audience has been getting younger since then. My belief is viewers are suffering from viewer fatigue and are tuning out for the third and final hour.

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