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Paige’s WWE Position, GFW's Television, Wyatt’s Future, Invasion 2.0?

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Is Paige highly regarded by WWE? She is advertised like she is, but her win-loss record speaks otherwise.

The fact that Paige remains on television in the hunt for the Divas Championship, faced Charlotte at Survivor Series, and is still a star of Total Divas tells us that Paige is indeed highly regarded by WWE. She is one of the leaders of the Divas Revolution, she was the companies first ever NXT Women's Champion, she ended AJ Lee's reign as the longest reigning Divas Champion and is now a two time Divas Champion tells us just how highly regarded she is by WWE. Has the booking of Paige been questionable as of late? It's easy to argue it has, with her really struggling for momentum ever since Nikki Bella became Divas Champion and now with her chasing Charlotte for the title her win/loss record isn't going to get any better. Perhaps the controversial Reid Flair line she delivered was WWE's way of trying to make Paige more edgy and add more momentum to her character, but I don't think she needs that.

I believe Paige has enough quality to become one of the greatest Divas of all time. There's no doubt she will become a multiple time Divas Champion and one of the leaders of the Divas division in the long term and I don't think there's too much to worry about with her while she is still one of WWE's most utilised Divas.

Why do you believe it's taking Global Force Wrestling so long to get off the ground as far as a television deal goes?

Getting clearance for a television show isn't a simple process. Jeff Jarrett and the backers behind Global Force Wrestling need to be able to convince a network and a room full of executives that their wrestling product is unlike any other and is worth them investing in. There's no question that Jeff Jarrett has a proven track record with how he ran TNA before it went spiralling out of control after he left, but he's now having to prove himself again with a whole new product in a market where very few networks seem interested in taking on a wrestling show. Not only that but Jarrett will want a station domestically that covers the company nationwide. It's not as simple as just getting a television deal and the company taking off either. Global Force Wrestling needs to run shows and prove there is a fan base that wants to see their product. Without numbers, execs and investors are simply not interested in the taking a shot at putting their money into a new product.

Equally though time is running out for Jarrett and the powers that be at Global Force to find a television deal. The company cannot continue to operate shows without a television deal domestically at the very least as without the television time or ability to run regular shows available to a larger market they will simply struggle to attract the talent they need to survive and grow as a company. I hope in 2016 the company finds a television deal because there are several guys I know who are working for GFW that deserve a chance to work on a larger stage and competition like another company can only be a good thing for everyone involved in the industry.

At this stage in Bray Wyatt's career I see him going along the same lines as Jake Roberts, a great talent who never got into the title frame. Are WWE not ready to put him in the title frame or is it another issue?

This is a point that many fans have been making for some time now. We all know how incredibly talented Bray Wyatt is when it comes to cutting a promo. He has a very similar psychology and ability to make the crowd listen, just like Jake Roberts did. Jake never saw himself in the WWE Championship picture but I think that's where Bray is going to be different in that he will get there in time, he just appears to be lost in the shuffle of the mid-card right now with creative having little to no real direction for him.

I thought when Bray had what I would call his breakout match with Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble 2014 they would give him a shot, especially after he went on to cost John Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Championship later that night against Randy Orton. But for whatever reason WWE held off on and decided to program Wyatt with Cena. Bray is yet to taste main event glory or status yet but that doesn't mean to say 2016 couldn't be the time the company finally pull the trigger. Based on the booking of Bray and the Wyatt Family in general, something tells me that to make Bray a believable challenger things need to change and we need to see him become the dominant monster he was once made out to be. His best chance right now at a title is to win a Money in the Bank ladder match but I imagine he is down the companies pecking order behind names like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins (when he returns) and John Cena (again when he returns). Bray deserves the chance to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion in my opinion, but whether or not he ever gets that opportunity is an entirely different debate.

With Samoa Joe, James Storm and several other TNA names appearing at NXT events can you see a TNA invasion angle in WWE with the likes of Joe, Storm, Austin Aries and AJ Styles?

As interesting a concept as this would be I can't really see it happening in terms of saying "Oh we came from the other company and we're here to take over" like the invasion angle with WCW. The only way I could ever see this kind of angle happening again is if WWE brought out TNA, and if I'm honest with the value of TNA becoming less and less each month I can't imagine there would be many more fans tuning in to see this. It's probably more a good idea if they did this type of story to more focus on those guys being seen as the "indy guys who were told they'd never make it" or something like that and they are now there to prove why they should never have been written off. That way you can incorporate guys like Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn into the mix to really give the group some more legitimacy. While it's not impossible we might see some kind of storyline involving the names you mentioned I can't see it focusing on them being TNA guys.

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