Part-Timers Taking Over WWE's Main Event, Paul Heyman Returning To WWE?, Why Stars Leave WWE For TNA, The Show I Watched During The Monday Night Wars

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I have read and heard your opinions on current superstars learning from "part-time" wrestlers for when they comeback but don't you think it's unfair for them to take a backseat to part-timers?

There are a lot of full-time workers that feel it's an injustice for people like The Rock and Brock Lesnar to be able to return for a guaranteed main event spot and big payday when they are the ones on the road 300 days out of the year, working very hard for their spot. I will be the first to admit it isn't fair, however, this is a business and it's all about money. Word began to make rounds yesterday that Wrestlemania 28 did 1.9 million buys. If that's true, the results don't lie and WWE will be very, very pleased with the number. This has become somewhat of a paradoxical point of view for me as I am for WWE bringing in part-timers as long as they draw while criticizing TNA for doing essentially the same thing. However, my argument is that if TNA did it and it grew their audience then I would have no problem with it. What bothers me about TNA is they were growing with their own talent and brought in people like Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and they haven't made much of an impact.

With Brock Lesnar returning to WWE do you expect Paul Heyman to return in some way?

Paul Heyman was not part of Brock Lesnar's deal to return to WWE, however, he has worked very closely with WWE in the past when it came to Lesnar. I don't know if he ends up coming in or not as there are some probably pushing for it. I would be for Heyman coming in as an on-screen character but him and Vince McMahon seem to butt heads too hard when trying to work together.

I will be the first to admit I've never really liked TNA but I'm curious why WWE stars leave for TNA. Take Ric Flair for example, wouldn't he be better off in WWE?

There are two types of situations where workers leave WWE for TNA. The first are workers that are released from WWE or in their eyes are underutilized. These workers want to remain relevant so they go to TNA where they are still able to be seen on national television. The second situation are workers that are not interested in working the hectic WWE travel schedule and enjoy being able to work a select number of dates in beautiful Orlando, Florida while still getting paid. Ric Flair's situation was different because he had retired as an in-ring performer in WWE but was retained as an ambassador for the company. When he began to get the itch to return to the ring, WWE wasn't interested. Not only that but I don't believe he liked having to book all his outside appearances through WWE so they ended up parting ways.

What show were you watching in the Monday night wars - WWF Monday Night Raw or WCW Monday Nitro?

During the inception of the new World order and heel turn of Hulk Hogan I was glued to WCW Monday Nitro, flipping over the USA Network during the commercial breaks. When the WWF turned things up with DeGeneration X, Steve Austin and The Rock, I found myself watching Raw and flipping to Nitro during the commercial breaks. I never recorded either show so it was always a remote game, however, my viewing pattern followed the pattern of many that of course ultimately saw the WWF win the war.

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