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Survivor Series 2013

With Roman Reigns being the sole survivor at Survivor Series, do you take this as a message that he's due a major singles push?

The biggest story coming out of Survivor Series was the separation of Roman Reigns. At one time considered to be the "third wheel" of The Shield faction (still not a bad spot), he's emerging as the top member. Everyone wants to know when WWE is going to break him away and push him to the moon. Patience is the key in this situation. Not every push works out like that of Sheamus or Alberto Del Rio. This is something I've mentioned a lot recently but there are many more that fail than succeed when they get the rocket pack strapped to them. I urge fans to be patient and creative to think things through before pushing Reigns. When and how it happens remains to be seen but I think all three have bright futures in WWE.

If this wasn't what you did for a living would you have ordered Survivor Series?

No, I wouldn't have ordered Survivor Series if I didn't have too. The card was weak and unappealing and the build was lackluster. Even though my expectations were low going in, I was further disappointed after the show's conclusion. Ryback vs. Mark Henry, a cameo by Big Johnny and the tease of John Cena vs. Randy Orton wasn't enough to save a below-average pay-per-view. The booking was predictable and mundane with no title changes. I noted Monday on Facebook that it was funny people are still giving the infamous Reddit user publicity when anyone that has been following WWE television could have accurately predicted what was going to happen. I didn't hear how the show was going to be booked and still predicted the show with 100% accuracy. It's not that I'm just "that good" either, the show was just by the book. That's not always a bad thing but a show with a bad card that desperately needed a spark didn't get it.

Will the Champion vs. Champion TLC match at the pay-per-view be a unification match?

WWE has stated the winner of WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in the Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at the pay-per-view will win both titles. While unification was not only implied but suggested, it wasn't announced. We all know my thoughts on unification so it's not worth repeating but you can comb through dot com's preview for more clues at this link.

Can you explain to me why it seems so many superstars have failed recently? It didn’t seem like this many has failed in years past. I understand it’s extremely difficult to be in the main event, but Curtis Axel has failed. Ryback has failed. Tensai has failed.

Everything must align for a main event push to be successful and every situation is different. WWE truly doesn't know what will happen until the worker is placed into the situation. Sometimes they thrive, sometimes they fail. This is why I urge patience with Roman Reigns (and others like him) because it's imperative not to expect too much too soon and end up killing a career in the process. Curtis Axel's mic work wasn't strong enough to sustain his push. Even with Paul Heyman as a mouthpiece, the audience just didn't buy it. Ryback battled (and is still battling) horrendous booking and hasn't proved he has the skill level or maturity to sustain a main event push. Tensai had a big opportunity but the audience couldn't go over his past as Albert. This is nothing new in terms of the business today compared to years past. It's always been like this and the list of those that have failed is much longer than the list of those that have succeeded.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2012: I had heard that Albert’s in-ring work had improved dramatically, but from what I’ve seen it still looks incredibly sloppy. Paired with his less than desirable ring-look, how long do you think he’s going to be kept around? It was a good try to put him in the main event of Raw, but I was really just disappointed by his performance. - WWE seems determined to try and get the Lord Tensai gimmick over, especially after having him pin John Cena on last night’s Raw Supershow (albeit with a dirty finish). I agree that Tensai looked sloppy last night but I have no idea if the company plans on pulling the plug on the gimmick. It’s important not to judge a gimmick too quickly but I share your sentiment that Tensai has been disappointing early.

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