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Paul Heyman A Staple On WWE TV, Disaster On Raw, Why Daniel Bryan Is No Longer A Vegan, Homosexual Wrestlers In WWE

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What are the plans for Paul Heyman other than just carrying Punk's title belt?

Paul Heyman, like any manager, is limited because he doesn't wrestle but he has had an instant impact in WWE. Originally brought back as a mouthpiece for Brock Lesnar (at the desire of his real-life friend CM Punk), he was paired with the WWE Champion because Punk suggested it. WWE is already developing "Paul Heyman guy" merchandise and his influence is spreading throughout the locker room. It's funny because when Lesnar was brought back earlier this year a constant was that the deal would not include Heyman under any circumstances. Now, due to Punk's tremendous backstage influence, Heyman is once again a staple on WWE television (and to a lesser extent, a player in the locker room).

Why would WWE allow Ryback to attempt his finisher on Tensai if he didn't have the strength to lift him up?

Ryback isn't the one being blamed for this disastrous go-home sequence of the match on this week's WWE Raw but the heat is on the shoulders of Tensai. You can read more at this link.

I saw the restaurant segment on Raw where Kane and Daniel Bryan traded meals. After doing some research online I couldn't find anything that said whether or not it was a real meatball that Daniel Bryan took a bite of, or if it was soy/vegetable based. Do you know if Bryan is still a vegan?

Daniel Bryan is no longer a vegan due to a soy intolerance that he developed. Bryan explained he kept getting sick and after allegory testing, it was learned that soy was the culprit of his sickness. Without soy, a vegan diet was impossible to maintain adequate protein levels. I have no idea what Bryan ate in the diner segment on WWE Raw but wouldn't read too much into it.

What is the stance of homosexual wrestlers in WWE?

I do not know of any openly gay wrestlers in WWE and the only worker I can think of off the top of my head is Orlando Jordan, who is bisexual. WWE, like the pro sports leagues, is still evolving in terms of acceptance and breaking down barriers of discrimination. Racism used to be a big part of the pro wrestling business but the wall has been significantly broken although I'm sure many African Americans would claim it still exists and I wouldn't question this because I am in no position (as a white male) to judge whether it is or isn't there. However, there are many in WWE, including WWE Champion CM Punk, who is a very loud advocate of equal rights for homosexuals. I also want to go on record as to saying that I feel an individual should be evaluated by their work alone and not factors that do not effect their ability to work (such as race, sexual orientation, gender, etc.).

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